filipino food in cebu

Filipino food in Cebu is being celebrated. An exciting buffet spread as more than 50 new dishes were introduced during opening night of Cafe Uno’s Modern Filipino Taste: A Filipino Feast for all Senses with husband and wife team Chefs Roland (Chef Lau) and Jackie Laudico at the Waterfront Cebu City. This collaboration with the two chefs and Waterfront Hotels and Casinos is unprecedented in this southern city with the sheer number of new dishes plus the modern interpretation of veritable Filipino as well as…Continue Reading “Waterfront Hotel highlights modern Filipino food in Cebu”

Philippine street food at a five star setting while watching the famous Manila Bay sunset? Of course, only at the historic Manila Hotel! Manila Hotel’s Sundeck offers an irresistible Bar Bites buffet of Philippine street food. It’s the same familiar street food that we enjoyed over the years but what makes these different from the usual ambulant push cart vendor is that it’s reimagined in a more upscale setting and especially made from premium ingredients. I just love the texture and flavor of the fish…Continue Reading “Philippine street food at Manila Hotel’s Sundeck”

Traveling has a lot of purposes. We discover our planet deeply, challenge ourselves, met new interesting people and their culture. By the way, speaking about culture: there are strange and controversial phenomena that considered the essential part of it. We are talking about alcohol. It is curious, but the attitude to the strong drinks consumption demonstrate numerous of cultural peculiarities. Whether we like it or not, discovering the variety of worlds alcoholic beverages is a perfect way to know a country better. We won’t mention…Continue Reading “The best destinations for fans of wine tourism”

Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort themed dinner buffet in Mactan

Dinner buffet in Mactan. Where do I begin. Should I go Asian and try those sumptuous dumplings and dimsum while I place two pieces of steamed prawns on my plate? Should I stop first at the Skewered kiosk and take my pick of pork barbecue, salmon strips? But that red and crispy lechon skin is making me weak in the knees. Oh, those steamed blue crabs, now colored red and baked oysters are equally tempting. God, this buffet spread is so confusingly delicious. The Joy…Continue Reading “Must try daily themed dinner buffet in Mactan resort”

When you’re travelling, one of the last things you want to do is offend the locals. But it’s easily done. Cultures vary around the world and what delights one person might cause offence in another country. Before you know it, you’ve misread the situation and acted inappropriately, potentially upsetting people without meaning to. To avoid such an awkward encounter, we’ve gathered five top tips to avoid bad table manners in the Orient. Check them out: Research tipping Tipping around the world can be a minefield….Continue Reading “5 Ways To Avoid Bad Table Manners in the Orient”