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A short visit in Dumaguete City

A brief sojourn. A short visit to Dumaguete City. Even for just two nights. Although it was not enough (its never enough I think), I was glad I decided to make the trip from Cebu to this university town.

The purpose of my visit was just to have a breather from post Typhoon Odette which badly damaged Cebu and other provinces in her path. For more than a week, we still don’t have power, mobile data is spotty and water is only present at some times of the day. Thus, it was an opportunity to travel, my first time outside of Cebu since I came home due to the Covid-19 lockdowns that started 15 March 2020.

Heritage visit in Dumaguete City

I should confess that I didn’t do much here because of the very short visit. The weather wasn’t really helpful too as it was raining most of the time. But I was able to go around the city visiting some heritage spots including art deco structures that I can feature in my Art Deco Philippines. Or look for, with great disappointment, street art for Langyaw Street.

From my hotel, first visited the old Park Theater now a store. It’s a beautiful art deco – streamline moderne and elegant structure. A few meters away is Quezon Park where I took images of the fountain and Rizal monument. I skipped the cathedral and its watchtower belfry as I’ve been there several times before.

It was then that I remembered that the National Museum rehabilitated the old Presidencia which was built in 1937 and decided to drop by. I was amazed though! Really beautiful structure! It is the future site of the museum’s branch. I think, this is a must visit to Dumaguete especially if you’re into heritage. After that, I just went around, from the famed boulevard to finding a beautiful art deco theater and a house at a corner.

visit in dumaguete
The old Dumaguete Presidencia restored by the National Museum and built in 1937. It will be the regional branch of the revered institution.
Probably American colonial period fountain at Quezon Park
An old bahay-na-bato house that has been renovated for modern times
visit in dumaguete
An old art deco theater that has been converted to a warehouse. This was such a wonderful find!
visit in dumaguete
An old house in the art deco – streamline moderne style

Where to eat

I didn’t really explore the food scene that much but I gravitated to my old haunt, the Painitan at the Dumaguete City Public Market where I always have my breakfast every time I’m here. And it didn’t disappoint! Cheap and filling food. I usually have the big and chewy pandesal with fried egg and luncheon meat then either a puto maya or budbud and thick hot chocolate.

One time during dinner, as it was raining, I was craving for something hot. A noodle soup would be good. After searching online, I saw a Japanese restaurant that serves a hot bowl of ramen and just walking distance from my hotel. Along the way, I stumbled at this small eatery and decided to eat there. I just had the ordinary batchoy at Sir Raffy Pares and Mami House as their bigger batchoy serving with lots of toppings was not available. The following day, I came back there hoping to get the fully loaded batchoy but it was still not available. I ordered their bestseller, the pares noodle (PHP70) with fried rice. And, oh boy! It was very good that I had a second serving of fried rice!

My daily breakfast treat at the Dumaguete City Public Market’s Painitan
visit in dumaguete
Budbud on display at the Painitan
Puto maya at the Painitan inside the Dumaguete Public Market
A delicious find, pares noodles with fried rice from a small eatery owned by a Tagalog guy

Where to stay

With Cebu City and province suffering from Typhoon Odette, many freelancers and those working from home trooped to Dumaguete City with several renting houses to stay for a month or two. And those people, including me, who wanted to have a few comforts, had the hotels fully booked! In Dumaguete City, I stayed at Golden Gate Suites which is just near the public market (PHP1250/night for two). It’s a pleasant hotel and I do plan to stay here again when I come back late January 2022 for my passport renewal.

@anglangyaw Puto maya (sticky rice) and #thickhotchocolate, another popular #breakfastfood in #dumaguetecity #breakfastfoodie ? Superficial Gesture – DJ BAI