al pater al palapa cebu

Yes! Al Pater Cebu is finally here! I just got excited when I saw in my FB feed that the pater I’ve enjoyed in Iligan has opened its first branch in the city! In 2015, a friend brought me to Al Pater Al Kuwait in Iligan and had my first taste of pater with its wildly delicious and spicy palapa. The food is a Maranao staple consisting of rice topped with cooked meat, typically beef, shredded chicken or tuna (a nod to the mostly Muslim…Continue Reading “Al Pater Cebu is finally here!”

Cebu street food chicken proven

One Cebu street food that is popular with the masses and can be found around the city is chicken proven. You often see people congregating around a cart and eating while standing. It’s a delicious, cheap and filling meal. Chicken proven what? But what is chicken proven? Birds have a two part stomach: the proventriculus (proven for short) and the gizzard. The former is the part after the crop is where digestive enzymes are secreted before the food is passed on to the gizzard for…Continue Reading “Cebu street food: chicken proven”

Philippine passport

Last week, my Philippine passport has finally arrived, just in time before my birthday! For several months, I didn’t have any primary ID. My last Philippine passport expired June 2021. Because of the pandemic, I was having difficulty getting a DFA online passport appointment. Of course, there were DFA branches that had available schedules but the pandemic restrictions and requirements made it hard to just travel. What I did have were just a voter’s certificate from the COMELEC and a BIR ID which are all…Continue Reading “My Philippine passport has finally arrived (with tips on renewal)!”

A brief sojourn. A short visit to Dumaguete City. Even for just two nights. Although it was not enough (its never enough I think), I was glad I decided to make the trip from Cebu to this university town. The purpose of my visit was just to have a breather from post Typhoon Odette which badly damaged Cebu and other provinces in her path. For more than a week, we still don’t have power, mobile data is spotty and water is only present at some…Continue Reading “A short visit in Dumaguete City”

Even for just two nights, I planned to travel from Cebu to Dumaguete on a whim, post Typhoon Odette. Perhaps it was the stress of the great damage that the typhoon wrought not only in my province but in other islands as well, coupled with the no water and no electricity a week after it hit us that I packed my things via candle light Sunday night. Although I wasn’t yet very decided to proceed, I woke up at 4AM, prepared coffee, checked the weather….Continue Reading “My brief Cebu to Dumaguete yearend 2021 trip”