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Eating breakfast in Dumaguete like the locals do

The three ladies of Teofilo Sison Stall #24: Geraldine, Pina and Sylvia

Get to eat breakfast in Dumaguete, at the public market, just how locals do!

Check out Sison, the last stall at the Dumaguete Public Market…

Piled budbud kabog

My silverhaired friend, Verna told me, when I asked her where to get the best budbud kabog in Dumaguete.

Budbud kabog is a native delicacy that is popular here as well as in the municipalities of Carmen and Borbon, Cebu. It is derived from kabog or dawa (millet). Budbud is the general form, elongated, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. In many provinces across the Philippines, it has many forms but usually made either from malagkit (sticky rice) or balanghoy (cassava).

Budbud kabog and breakfast in Dumaguete

The budbud is a bit pricey, because of the millet which is a bit difficult. But its well worth the try. It’s semi sweet and breaks down into millet granules when in the mouth and best paired with hot thick sikwate or chocolate. When in Dumaguete, cheaper budbud is sold at the port but better go to this stall.

typical breakfast in dumaguete
My breakfast of budbud kabog, pan de sal with fried egg and chocolate drink
The section of snack eateries lining one section inside the Dumaguete Public Market

But I was only expecting to eat budbud. When I went inside the market, I found that these are a series of snack stalls offering breakfast fare of pan de sal, popular local bread, fried eggs, puto and sikwate (native rice cake and chocolate).

Just simple food but it is being patronized by locals, both elderly and people on the go.

Stall #24: Teofilo Sison

Stall number 24, under Teofilo Sison came highly recommended and I didn’t have to chose where to eat. It is located at rightmost, the last one in the long line of eateries. But if you go here, you’re not only eating at an ordinary diner. Pina, the one who cooks the budbud kabog (or spelled also as kabug). She will proudly tell you that they have been featured in a national food magazine and even told me that a blogger interviewed them the other day I was there.

Puto being prepared for a diner
Thick sikwate or chocolate

My breakfast was just simple but filling. But one thing that I can never forget other than the budbud kabog is their chocolate-e (sikwate or chocolate drink) made from pure cacao tablea.

Its hot, thick and mildly sugared. The taste is just awesome! Paired with puto with hints of ginger, it becomes a very delicious breakfast to start the day.

One small cup, bigger than the size of a shot glass is five pesos and I had to get another one because it was just so delicious. Perhaps, the best one that I have ever tasted.

When in Dumaguete, check out Teofilo Sison Stall #24 (opens from 4AM – 7 PM) serving breakfast and snacks. You won’t be disappointed.

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12 thoughts on “Eating breakfast in Dumaguete like the locals do”

  1. Verna

    Great article, Es…. will show to the Sison folks.

  2. estancabigas

    thanx Verns!

  3. estancabigas

    masarap! and i really love their chocolate. the best i’ve tasted!

  4. Reydan Duldulao

    Kakagutom naman! Must be mouth-watering!

  5. Verna

    And, Es, I love your description of “silverhaired friend”.

  6. Dapat nga to eat what the locals are eating when you’re in their territory. It’s soaking up on the travel experience.

  7. estancabigas

    but many travelers would still want to go to the usual national fastfood chains. darn.

  8. Ray

    I visited this stall when i visited dumaguete. It was the best way to sart my day the budbud was perfect with the thick chocolate drink. Never miss this when visiting dumaguete.

  9. estancabigas

    Whenever I arrive from Cebu early in the morning, I just head up to this stall and have my breakfast. Cheap. Sated. Happy. 🙂

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