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Crossing the sea between Negros and Cebu

The tip of Cebu in the background
Enjoying the beautiful scene

The tip of Cebu loomed in the horizon. Getting bigger and bigger as our medium sized motorized banca, a passenger vessel that plies the short distance between Sibulan in Negros Oriental and Santander in Cebu was on its way. The trip is short, just about 15 minutes, but sweet. For countless times, I’ve crossed this part of Tanon Straight.

I was seated at the right side, near the front. Reveling in the scenery that I’ve come to be familiar with over the years. No dolphins this time but just the wide expanse of sea and the island provinces of Cebu and Negros Oriental at both sides.

Passengers arriving in Santander, Cebu

I like the view. Cebu, terminating with a low hill, covered in greenery with a series of houses dotting its edges while fishermen are going about their daily chore. Across the strait, Cuernos de Negros, the horns of Negros, volcanic in nature, dominated the landscape, looming over its many towns that a sense of awe can be felt just looking at this landscape.

Panoramic view of Tanon Strait and Negros in the background as seen from Santander, Cebu

I like going the long route to Dumaguete from Cebu. Taking the bus ride from the Cebu South Bus Terminal and just within three hours, I’m at the port of Santander, gazing across a historic strip where Muslim slave raiders once prowled for people. Or the other way around, taking either the pumpboat or fastcraft from Sibulan.

Short but unhurried. simple yet sweet. Its a pleasant way to travel and for one coming from Cebu, a good way to experience Dumaguete, savor the budbud kabog, or a springboard enroute to magical and mystical Siquijor. And I can just travel anytime I want.

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5 thoughts on “Crossing the sea between Negros and Cebu”

  1. this is a must try! i hope that when i could, there would be dolphins to watch. so probably i’d better catch the early morning or late afternoon trip. hmm…

  2. estancabigas

    you should bai 🙂

  3. Numeriano Bouffard

    HI Stan. I would like to know the distance of Cebu and Negros nearest point in nautical miles or kilometer. I am studying the possibility of a bridge to unite this two provinces and would appreciate your help thanks ting

  4. estancabigas

    Numeriano, I think you can do that with Google Earth.

  5. deepdiver21

    @ Numeriano, it is about 5.4 kms but it has a very deep channel spanning about 3 kilometer with a very strong current

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