My brief Cebu to Dumaguete yearend 2021 trip

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Even for just two nights, I planned to travel from Cebu to Dumaguete on a whim, post Typhoon Odette. Perhaps it was the stress of the great damage that the typhoon wrought not only in my province but in other islands as well, coupled with the no water and no electricity a week after it hit us that I packed my things via candle light Sunday night. Although I wasn’t yet very decided to proceed, I woke up at 4AM, prepared coffee, checked the weather. Then took a shower and headed to Cebu South Bus Terminal. a

The last time I was out of Cebu was just a few minutes before the start of the lockdown in the province. Since that day in March 2020, I haven’t been out of Cebu. Prior to this trip, I saw a post from my friend in FB that he was traveling from Cebu to Dumaguete, his home city, so that he can work there as it will take several weeks for power to be restored. After asking the needed requirements, it gave me an idea to travel too.

The Cebu to Dumaguete trip

Instead of waiting for a bus in Tabunok, I proceeded to the terminal and rode the Ceres bus. From Cebu City to Liloan Port in Santander at the tip of Cebu, it took around four hours ride (PHP310). I was expecting to ride the fast craft but when I arrived there, I was told that it was no longer in service for quite a time and the only option was to take the Maayo Shipping ferry to Sibulan in Negros Oriental. The line was short and in no time, I was able to get my ticket (PHP85 + PHP5 municipal tax). The ferry was full in terms of vehicles and passengers but travel from Cebu to Dumaguete via this route is really short, around 30 minutes or less.

I’ve been in this route for quite some time already and am familiar with the goings on. Despite the short sojourn, this Cebu to Dumaguete trip was a very welcome breather from post Typhoon Odette and an opportunity to travel again!

cebu to dumaguete
From Cebu South Bus Terminal, I took this Ceres bus bound for Bato in Liloan, Santander
cebu to dumaguete
Vehicles waiting in line to load the ferry at Liloan Port
cebu to dumaguete
The ferry slowly filling up with vehicles at Liloan Port in Santander, Cebu
cebu to dumaguete
The ferry was fully loaded loaded not only with vehicles but with passengers as well
Passenger ticket and vaccination card is all what’s needed to cross
People and vehicles ready to exit
The ferry spilling its passengers as it arrives at Sibulan Port
View of the tip of Cebu from Sibulan port in Negros Oriental
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