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An authentic and good Batangas lomi in Cebu

A great cup of Batangas barako coffee

I love Batangas lomi ever since I had my first taste of it in Lipa City’s Lomi King way back in 2015. The savory goodness is just filling and sating as well. Compared with the lomi from Cebu, it has a more sticky soup, a separate condiment that you prepare according to your taste with a number of toppings. From that time, I have tasted several other versions, from other towns. And there are still so many to try and explore with several municipalities having their own topping versions!

Since being home during the start of the pandemic lockdowns last year, I’ve been craving for regional dishes that I so badly miss. And unfortunately for Cebu, there’s a clear lack of these. No pansit batil patung. No Ilocos empanada. Heck, I’ve been searching for a good garlic longanisa that is typical of North Luzon but haven’t found any. And other regional fare. That’s why, I got so excited when I first saw in my Facebook feed that, finally, there is now Batangas lomi in Cebu! Last July and early this month, I dropped by there to sate my craving for Batangas lomi and I was not disappointed.

batangas lomi in cebu
Special lomi XX, Mayora’s overloaded version

How it started

Mayora’s Batangas Lomi and Panciteria is the brainchild of Deo and Onie, husband and wife who are originally from Batangas and residing in Cebu. Both were OFWs and having been affected with the company downsizing during the pandemic, went back here last year. As cooking lomi has always been the family business of Onie back in their home province, it was a decision that came naturally to them.

Why Mayora?

It started nung sa Jeddah, Saudi Arabia kami. Everytime na may namatayan o nagkasakit, my wife was the one who initiates para tumulong. So, sa church namin, mag ask siya who wants to pledge an amount. Sa mga hindi makapagbigay agad, my wife ang magcover muna. Every pay day, kukunin niya yung pledge and ang sinisingil says, ”andiyan na si Mayora magcocollect na.” So doon nag start why we call it Mayora’s Batangas Lomi and Panciteria

– according to Deo
batangas lomi in cebu
A hot bowl of the special lomi served with toasted bread and halo-halo

An authentic Batangas lomi in Cebu

This Batangas lomi in Cebu is as authentic as it can get. From the ingredients to the taste and how it is prepared and served:

No tweaking of recipe. It’s authentic Batangas way of cooking and presentation.

– Deo

It has the thick and sticky soup. The toppings consist of mini meatballs and shanghai lumpia, slivers of liver, chicharon, rebosado, kikiam, adobo and fried garlic. Served together with the hot bowl is a shallow container for the condiment: slices of calamansi, chili pepper, minced onion and fried garlic. You make your own by mixing together soy sauce and these ingredients according to your taste. Get a spoonful to your lomi, mix and savor the goodness.

Minced onions, calamansi, fried garlic and chili.

The Cebuano reception proved overwhelming. According to Deo, their customers loved and appreciated the dish. Surprisingly, it was thru a conversation with him that I also learned about the sizeable Batangueno community in Cebu. Yearning for a taste of home, they were quite enthusiastic and who were avid promoters of the dish here.

And I wholeheartedly agree! Nothing beats a good steaming bowl of Batangas lomi especially during this rainy season. The first and second time I was there, I just enjoyed it and scraping down the bottom for what’s left of those delectable bits and pieces of morsel. Also try their special lomi XX, an overloaded version with 3x the toppings!

batangas lomi in cebu
Mayora’s Batangas mixed guisado. The dish is also available separately using bihon and miki.

Other dishes you can try

Mayora’s Batangas Lomi and Panciteria started with offering their lomi and pansit dishes namely: miki guisado, bihon guisado and mixed guisado (a combination of both miki and bihon). They also serve halohalo and good Batangas barako coffee which they also sell in packs. They then expanded the menu to include rice meals and silogs. In the future, and I am looking forward to this, Batangas goto, another iconic provincial fare that has no rice in it but is a soupy offal dish.

Facade of Mayora’s Authentic Batangas Lomi & Panciteria at the main branch along Junquera Extensionin Cebu City

Where and how to get this Batangas lomi in Cebu

I do recommend that you try this authentic Batangas lomi in Cebu. Mayora’s Batangas Lomi and Panciteria has two branches: the first one along Junquera Extension near USC Main. Tomorrow, 16 October, they will open at Casa de Mars, a food park in Yati, Liloan. They are also available for delivery via Foodpanda and Grab. You can also order by sending them a message in their Facebook page.

Dine in setup of the lomi place
Mayora’s Authentic Batangas Lomi & Panciteria also sells Batangas Barako coffee in tea bag style packs and in powder form
Mayora's Batangas Lomi and Panciteria
Junquera Extension near USC Main (1000H-2000H Monday to Friday)
Casa de Mars in Yati, Liloan (0900H-2100H Monday to Sunday)
+63 927 434 7514

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