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5 simple and overloaded Batangas lomi I have tried in Batangas

Lomi is a popular noodle dish in the Philippines. In Cebu, it’s a delicious snack that resemble egg drop soup with thick noodles and topped with shredded chicken meat. Perfect with bread. But then, Batangas has upped their lomi dishes to an extent that when you mention the province, Batangas lomi is never far behind. What makes this distinct from Cebu or from other provinces is that the soup is thicker and sticky than usual. Ang lapot (so sticky)!

Other than the Batanguenos elevating the simple dish, there have been towns within the province who popularized the overloaded Batangas lomi. When I first saw it in social media, I got so amazed! And below guys are the different simple and overloaded Batangas lomi that I have tried in that province.

Lomi King

It was in 2015 when I first had a taste of Batangas lomi and it was during a trip in Lipa City. I didn’t really know where to eat one but I’ve been seeing Lomi King branches around so I decided to drop by at one. Savory and delicious. It was sating although my first try of the very sticky soup was somewhat new to me. Other than this one, I also had fish strips for toppings.

Overloaded Batangas lomi
My first Batangas lomi was a bowl from Lomi King, a popular lomi house in Lipa City. Note the very sticky soup.

Liam’s Lomi House

It was another trip in Lipa City that I decided to try out one of the lomi houses. Liam’s Lomi House was one of the highly recommended eateries in the city. One of their must try lomi dishes is the lechon lomi. It’s a rather simple dish with a few toppings that included a sizeable of sliced lechon (roast pig). It’s popular with locals and another delicious treat from this city. I do love the real lechon goodness at each bite although the skin is not as crispy as I expected.

Overloaded Batangas lomi
One of the simple yet also delicious Batangas lomi I had was the lechon lomi of Liam’s Lomi House which I also had in Lipa City. The meat was tender and has that lechon goodness to it.

Brader Louie Lomi Hauz

It was after the Batangas Mission Day, a Philippine event organized by Ingress players in Batangas City that we went to a local lomi house. Brader Louie Lomi Hauz is one of the highly recommended lomihan in the capital city. When we got there, the simple, elongated green structure was teeming with diners having a snack. We got the special and unlike the overloaded Batangas lomi I’ve featured below, their’s was simpler yet delicious. The chicharon (pork cracklings) were fresh and crisp, the sliced meatball is flavorful too. There are bits of liver slices as well.

Brader Louie Lomi House in Batangas City keeps it simple but still flavorful and delicious

Corcolon Lomi House, overloaded Batangas lomi

I first saw an overloaded Batangas lomi dish posted in Facebook and I was just amazed at how it looked! The sheer gabundok (mountain-like) toppings was really something. I said to myself that I really have to check it out. I went all the way to San Jose in Batangas, specifically the Corcolon Lomi House who popularized this one. It was harder to find but with Google Maps as well as asking around, I finally got there. This lomi house have also been visited by celebrities and politicians for its overloaded Batangas lomi.

When I visited, there was a family of five and they ordered this humongous lomi dish. It was almost overflowing with toppings that I had to go to their table and asked permission to take photos. The toppings range from fried pork, lumpia, meatballs, sisig, chicharon, dynamite rolls (filled chili wrapped in lumpia wrapper and fried), and many, many more ingredients. I had the personal size and not only was it delicious but very, very sating!

Overloaded Batangas lomi
Corcolon Lomi House in San Jose, Batangas was my first overloaded Batangas lomi that I purposefully visited after seeing it in social media. This huge bowl is for a family.

Kina Imus Lomi

Roy, a friend from San Luis, Batangas posted another overloaded Batangas lomi from his town. After seeing it, I also visited the municipality after a short trip in the province in 2017. Kina Imus Lomi is a recipe of the Imus family and has also a loyal following in this part of Batangas. The solo size is similar to that of Corcolon Lomi House but also overflowing with toppings. They also have a sisig as one of the ingredients.

Overloaded Batangas lomi
Kina Imus Lomi of San Luis, Batangas was highly recommended by my friend Roy who hails from the municipality. It’s another of those overloaded Batangas lomi which I also visited in 2017.

If you’re in Cebu, check out Mayora’s Batangas Lomi and Panciteria that serves authentic Batangas lomi which I really enjoyed!

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