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Wanna try Bluewater Resort’s ShopBlue Feast-to-Go?

An unexpected box from Bluewater Resorts highlighting ShopBlue arrived at home with a surprising content that made me salivate: delicious food.

I always love what Bluewater Resorts have on offer. I have experienced all three resorts in Panglao (Bohol) Sumilon (Oslob) and the latest, Maribago (Mactan) with the latter two both in Cebu. One thing that I really look forward beyond the resort accommodation is really the good meals that I had tried with them. From the very delicious ube ensaymada, the adobo rice and lechon kawali and even the humble mami, always make a great resort stay experience. Oh, and that signature burger too!

And now comes the resort’s ShopBlue.

ShopBlue is the online platform of Bluewater Resorts launched in April 2021:

“…aims to be the virtual source for the Bluewater lifestyle, which allows the user access to a resort experience that transforms moments into cherished memories that will last a lifetime.”

It has three components:

  • Celebrate for those important life moments where you want to mark with friends or family with a special event experience either at one of the resorts or at home
  • Feast-to-Go for those times when you just want to have the Bluewater Resort food and drink experience with wholesome delectable offerings, and
  • Relax for those times you just want to pamper yourself with a good massage and spa experience

This post will focus on Feast-to-Go.

The ShopBlue box that arrived

Unboxing the ShopBlue Feast-to-Go box

The ShopBlue box was beautifully packaged. As this can be given as a gift, it came with a tag with my name and blog address. After removing the ribbon, opening the cover as well as the blue wrapping, the following were inside:

  • Musubi sampler
  • Chorizo empanada
  • Kaffir lime margarita
  • Taco sampler
  • Assorted cookies
  • Three different kinds of dips: lemon lime crema, peanut tablea, and jalapeno sauce

This was the first time that I have tasted the different food inside and I should say, I do love these, especially the DIY tacos and chicken empanada dipped in vinegar.

Musubi Sampler

Musubi Sampler

The musubi sampler comes in five different flavors. I especially love the spam and the chicken inasal as well as the humba toppings. Other flavors are tofu and vegetable okoy. I like that this ShopBlue product has a Filipino flair to it, with the okoy (fritter) and a Cebuano twist: the humba (traditional stewed pork dish).

Chicken empanada

Chicken Empanada

I never thought empanada and spiced vinegar together are so good! Cute and delicious chicken pie for the win! The spiced vinegar adds a kick to it. Unlike other empanadas, the pastry is not that thick, which I do prefer. It’s soft and the filling is well flavored.

Taco sampler

Taco sampler

I love the taco sampler. The tortillas and shredded veggies, different kinds of meat (chicken, beef, and shrimp), slices of lime as well as the sauces are separate. Part of the experience of eating this one is assembling it to your liking. I consumed first the shrimps. For the sauces, each has a different body and taste and I do love the piquancy of the jalapeno sauce. While the peanut tablea (traditional cocoa [read: chocolate] medallions) adds to a new taste experience that surprisingly adds another food dimension. Really enjoyed this one!

Assorted cookies

Assorted cookies

If you haven’t tried Bluewater Resort’s thin and delicious cookies, you should rethink your priorities. LOL. I love these bite sized, crisp and thin desserts! So good that you I ate the whole pack in one sitting!

The ShopBlue Feast-to-Go is highly recommended and I would like to thank Bluewater Resort for sending this in and letting me try the different delicious food. I have written at the start of the post that I love their signature dishes but getting a taste of the chicken empanada, the taco as well as the cookies adds to my list of good things to eat at any of their three resorts. Or just order these online at ShopBlue. As for the sauces, I would have wanted to have more of the peanut tablea as well as the jalapeno! These two are so good!

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