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Bluewater Maribago and its Work + Study + Play: is this for you?

Last week, I had the opportunity to try out Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort’s Work + Study + Play package for an overnight stay. And how do I find it? Is this for you? Find out below.

Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort is a homegrown hospitality brand known for its service and comfort in Mactan Island, Cebu. I’ve stayed with two of its other resort branches in Sumilao Island, Cebu and Panglao, Bohol before. Because of the pandemic and to capitalize on the new normal of working from home for adults and online learning for kids, the resort has offered a work from home alternative for their guests. And for a freelancer like me?

I’ve been working from home since I arrived back in March. As a freelance Architecture and Travel photographer, have been badly affected with the lockdowns. Most of my days are spent preparing my sizable photo archive with tens of thousands of images as well as learning new skills. Now think of spending all your time sleeping, eating and working at home for more than eight months and it can really take a toll on your sanity!

Work + Study + Play

Just imagine my enthusiasm when I tried out Bluewater Maribago’s Work + Study + Play. How would you want to stay at a luxury resort in an airconditioned suite, have high speed broadband internet and at the same time enjoy good food as well as have time for leisure as well? All in the same location? I bet you would readily say YES!


I should admit that my Globe broadband internet at home is really crappy. Of several stock photos that I upload, there’s always a chance that one or two, or even more would fail. Or when doing Zoom meets, my meeting mates would always give feedback that I’m ‘choppy’ when I talk, meaning, my connection is not stable. But not at Bluewater Maribago. I was able to upload hundreds of stock images without fail, even if these were several gigabytes in size.

I’m not really a TV/cable person and most of the time when I’m staying at hotels or resorts is both to work, mostly online, and as a way to relax. So I had no problems with the internet speed.

Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort
Catching up with some blog writing. But most of my stay at the resort was editing and uploading hundreds of hi resolution stock photos. It helps that I have a fast connection at hand.


While this is ideal for parents with their kids, it applies to freelancers like me as well as I am also upgrading my skills. Studying online was not a problem as the internet connection is reliable. Zoom meetings were stable too. All in the comfort of my suite room. Just think of my irritation when I was back at home with crappy internet that I was yearning for Bluewater Maribago’s fast data connection.


There’s an adage: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. And it applied to my stay at the resort too. After all the studying, the editing and uploading. After all the Zoom meets, relaxing a bit surely makes a well balanced stay.

Since it was a weekday, and I wanted to avoid the weekend crowds, I had the pool all to myself. By the way, this was just a few meters away from my suite room. At 5 PM, I went to my Amuma Spa appointment at the pavilion for an open air massage. Relaxing is an understatement, especially if I haven’t had a massage in more than eight months!

Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort
A few steps away from my resort suite is this wide pool, all to myself.
At 5PM, I went to Amuma Spa for my scheduled appointment. Relaxation!
Had my open air massage here at the Amuma Spa Pavilion.

Food, food and good food

What’s a resort stay without indulging in good food? At Bluewater Maribago, that was well covered. I specifically requested to have my plated breakfast at the room. While an option was to go to Allegro Restaurant, I wanted to enjoy the serenity while overlooking the pool. I had chicken tocino and they’re oh, so good ensaymada! (Tip: you should definitely try this one and their mango shake!) The croissant is flaky too.

Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort
Instead of heading to Allegro Restaurant for breakfast, I opted to have my sumptuous meal via room service and was enjoying this view. At the same time monitoring my stock photo uploads.
Will this breakfast start your day right? Filling, delicious and sating plated breakfast of chicken tocino with runny scrambled eggs (just as what I want!) with their oh so memorable ensaymada and croissant paired with watermelon juice and coffee.

For dinner, I don’t want to have a heavy fare so opted for the Pulo Burger. It does says its 7 ounces of Angus beef patty and frankly, I don’t have much idea how big it is. To my surprise, it was humongous! I do like the burger. It’s well flavored, filling and delicious. I didn’t think that I will get full but I did! I ended my dinner at the restaurant with their maja blanca cheesecake.

Pulo Cheeseburger, the resort’s signature burger with 7 oz Angus patty, fried onion, mozzarella, and assorted root chips

Bluecares of Bluewater Maribago

Because we are in this pandemic, how is Bluewater Maribago doing its part? The hospitality group has introduced their Bluecares program. This is their way of ensuring that guests, their employees and the community they’re in are well served in this trying times. This initiative covers “processes, tools, enhanced cleaning and safeguards to handle the new normal.” This also includes food aid and PPE donations to partner communities.

They have also collaborated with ARC Hospitals (Mactan, Cebu) as their partner in coming up with commendable health and safety protocols, ensuring guests and staff are safe from Covid-19. Every guest staying with Bluewater Maribago and their other resorts are given a Bluecares Kit.

Bluewater Maribago’s Bluecares Kit is given to all guests.

Is the Work + Study + Play for you?

Would I avail of this again? For me, YES! I was quite productive and efficient in my work. The highspeed internet was reliable. Uploading stock images was fast with no drop offs. I was able to relax in style at their comfortable and spacious suite rooms. I was also able to enjoy my stay with Bluewater Maribago’s amenities like a well deserved massage at Amuma Spa and swimming at the pool. Would have tried the beach but it was low tide. And of course, the Pulo Burger was just so good as well as the sating breakfast near the pool.

And these are the reasons why Bluewater Maribago’s Work + Study + Play package makes it worthwhile. Check them out.

Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort
Spacious, comfortable suite with two queen sized beds. And that tub!
Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort
Downtime for myself. I do love the design and interiors of the resort suites.
Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort
+6332 416 3480 / +6332 416 3481

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