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What’s better than a chicharon? Of course, chocoron!

I got curious. What? Chocoron? Inquisitive. What in the world is a chocoron? I went closer to the display inside Balay Pasko in Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort and found tubular plastic canisters filled with dark irregularly shaped chocoron. I took a bite and chewed a sample. There was chocolate. And then, crunch! Chicharon (deep fried pork rind). At first, I was a bit confused of the flavor. Sweetness followed by something familiar but I wasn’t sure yet. Then that chicharon taste flooded. My taste buds were pleased.

Chocoron at Balay Pasko

Chocoron is chocolate covered chicharon. Sweet and crunchy. Something new and wonderful. Bluewater Maribago’s Balay Pasko offers these treats. What used to be a gallery during most of the year is transformed into a Christmas House (literal translation) where goodies from the resort’s kitchen are offered. It’s spacious and you can even try out the different sweets like the one I had, chocoron. There are different flavored chocolate truffles, puff pastry locally called otap but in almond cinnamon version (!), cookie thins. And my favorite: honeycomb crunch with almonds!

That seems to be a mouthful but really, all these tastings were a fitting close to our buffet dinner after the Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the resort lobby. Other than these sweets, they also have chicken galantina, stuffed chicken. This is Filipino food that is a staple in many Christmas table especially for the noche buena, a Filipino tradition of gathering family around food at the stroke of midnight on Christmas Day. And the chocoron? I think you should try this one. It’s something that you have to experience, savor and just enjoy as well.

Painit Kit

Painit is Cebuano for snacks. Inside the box, it has three different flavors of ensaymada (local brioche): ube, bukhayo (caramelized young coconut meat) and chocolate tablea (local chocolate chunks). There’s also shakoy (or siakoy), on of Cebuano local delicacies that I have enjoyed since I was still a child. Brown sugar and chocolate cubes are included too. There’s even instructions on how to prepare the resort’s signature hot chocolate drink (see photo below).

I love both the ensaymada and siakoy! Soft and tender. The ube ensaymada especially brought me back to memories of spending a few nights in Bluewater Panglao. It was one of the unforgettable delicacies I had there! For the hot chocolate, I opted to not follow the instructions. Haha. But it was still okay. I went for a thicker consistency. 🙂

Check the Balay Pasko at Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort for these treats fit for giving as presents. Or have it all to yourself. You will be in for a delicious treat!

Honeycomb crunch!!! Bittersweet, buttery and honeyish, I so love these!
Thin cookies are heavenly!
Yum! Yum! Three different flavors of chocolate truffles!
Balay Pasko
A different kind of puff pastry or otap in Cebuano.
Different treats at the Balay Pasko
These are just so good! Chocoron for the win!
Balay Pasko
The spacious Balay Pasko. During the Christmas season, this gallery is transformed into a Christmas House (literal translation) offering goodies and treats.
I opened the Painit Kit and laid these out at home for breakfast the following day. The best ensaymadas I have eaten!
Balay Pasko
Inside the Painit Kit is a delectable selection of three different kinds of soft and delicious Bluewater ensaymada, shakoy (or siakoy) and chocolate cubes with brown sugar. It even comes with an instruction on how to prepare their signature hot chocolate drink.
My Painit Kit in a box

Balay Pasko
Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort 
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