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Cafe Breeze at Bayfront Hotel Cebu: must try pochero and other food

I won’t deny that I had a great staycation at the Bayfront Hotel Cebu. And one thing that made it worth my time was, of course, the good food I had. I am doing intermittent fasting (16:8, if you may ask) but when I was there, I had to pause it and just enjoy the food. Think about it: hearty buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A good ala carte selection that you can have at the hotel’s restaurant, Cafe Breeze, or via room service. And best of all, one of the best pochero soup that I have ever tasted in Cebu!

Although Bayfront Hotel Cebu is in a great location with SM City Cebu just across the street, why eat at the mall when I can just stay at the hotel and dine at its buffet offerings? Or, even when I just got lazy going down and requested the food to be brought to my room. Ah, this is what I like about staying at the Bayfront Hotel Cebu. You can just laze and eat. Sleep and eat. Without going out of the property.

Pochero soup is it!

First thing that I should say, IT”S THE POCHERO SOUP THAT YOU SHOULD TRY!!!

Darn. I went down to Cafe Breeze at the ground floor to have my lunch and there was steaming pochero soup at the buffet table. Took a soup bowl, asked the server to fill it. And after getting a selection of meat sans rice, I took to my seat. The first spoonful of soup was just hot. I was amazed at the taste. Took another and another until I had consumed it all. I was blown away! It was so good. The beef was so tender. It has a slight gingery taste and a kick to it courtesy of the sili espada, a type of long chili. I had to go back to the buffet table and politely asked the server to have a refill.

Pochero, to none Cebuanos is the province’s equivalent to the bulalo, another beef soup dish popular in Luzon. Like the latter, the key to this great beef dish is long cooking time, select ingredients that, with a knowledgeable cook, can make your meal the best you’ll ever had. And Bayfront Hotel Cebu’s Cafe Breeze really got this one.

I was so delighted, yes, I went crazy with this soup, that I had it every time I had my lunch and dinner buffet. At one time, I had three refills! Imagine that!

Bayfront Hotel Cebu
Perhaps, the must try food in Bayfront Hotel’s Cafe Breeze, the pochero soup! Its just so delicious and well flavored that I had several of these and at every meal!

Ala carte menu selection

I ordered for room service two dishes from the ala carte menu. The first one, for lunch, I had the Chomp Chops. It’s pork chop served bento style. It’s a simple yet delicious dish consisting of grilled meat, fruit slices, condiment and rice. However, as I was on low carb, I was limiting my rice, the kitchen replaced it with fresh veggies with a vinegar based dressing. The meat was tender and juicy, the watermelon fresh and sweet and the vegetables were crunchy too.

Dinner the second day, I again had room service. I ordered the Rolled and Cordoned. It’s a huge piece of chicken cordon bleu with the rice replaced with steamed veggies this time. The chicken was good, well cooked and juicy. The sauce and lemon added to the delicious taste and I had a very filling dinner.

Chomp Chops, pork chop served bento style. As I was skipping the rice, the Cafe Breeze kitchen replaced it with salad.
Bayfront Hotel Cebu
Rolled and Cordoned, Bayfront Hotel’s delicious chicken cordon bleu which I ordered via room service. Rice replaced with veggies.

Buffet breakfast everyday, lunch and dinner buffets during weekends

Bayfront Hotel Cebu serves modest and affordable buffets. Free breakfast buffets for checked-in guests while walk-in diners pay a reasonable rate. During weekends, the hotel has lunch and dinner buffets. And if they serve the pochero soup, do have your fill!

Breakfast is something I looked forward to during my stay. Because of the puto maya and sikwate. Two of the iconic breakfast fare of Cebuanos and around Cebuano speaking provinces. Although I skipped rice during other meals, I really just needed to indulge in these two. You see, once in a while, I do seek these out early mornings near my home or after I’m done jogging at a street side eatery. No fuss breakfast. No fuss simple food. Once in a while, I dip the puto maya in sugar and sip the hot choco. Bliss. And of course, as it was a breakfast buffet at the hotel, want-to-sawa scrambled eggs, sausages and ham. The occasional Cebu chorizo, those cute round sweet and spicy morsels. And black coffee or juice. You also have the option to have early salad.

Lunch and dinner buffets are a little heavy though. But I skipped the rice. Focused on the various meats, of course, the pochero soup, some salad, juice and dessert.

Do check Cafe Breeze at the Bayfront Cebu Hotel. When you can. And again, do have the pochero soup!

What’s a breakfast buffet in a hip and stylish Cebu hotel without the traditional puto maya and sikwate pairing? These two are one of the quintessential Cebuano breakfast fare that you can see early in the morning in the streets or markets around the province.
Bayfront Hotel Cebu
Breakfast buffet: the usual breakfast of eggs, sausages and ham with hot creamy soup. At the left is traditional puto maya and sikwate (steamed sticky rice and hot chocolate then a plate of sliced fruits and toasted ham and cheese sandwiches.
Bayfront Hotel Cebu
Dessert, fruits and macaroni salad to go with my lunch buffet
Bayfront Hotel Cebu
Salad ingredients at the Cafe Breeze for Bayfront Hotel Cebu’s buffet. Just pick what you want, put a dollop of dressing that you like and you’re good to go.
Cafe Breeze
Bayfront Hotel Cebu
Kaohsiung Street, North Reclamation Area
Cebu  City, Philippines 6000
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