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5 reasons why I loved my stay at Bayfront Hotel Cebu

I love staycations! And recently, I had an opportunity to stay at the Bayfront Hotel Cebu located at the North Reclamation just near SM City Cebu. I have been eyeing this hotel for quite some time already as I often pass by every time I’m in the area and whenever I am in Cebu. Much more when I got back home during the pandemic and traveling to and fro to this area as the MyBus terminal (and now, the Cebu North Bus Terminal) is directly in front.

Perhaps, this is one of those staycations where I just love my stay at a homegrown brand. Being an Architecture and Interiors photographer, the delight starts even before I entered with its beautiful and modern facade and stylish as well as hip lobby making an impression. Why I enjoyed my two day stay here? Let me share you five reasons why.

Bayfront Hotel Cebu
Comfortable rooms, fast checkin-in and check-out and friendly staff with good service

1 Stylish and comfortable rooms, great service

One thing that I really like about Bayfront Hotel Cebu is the stylish and comfortable rooms. I really look forward to feeling great about the stay. Comfortable beds and pillows, clean suites, dependable air conditioning, fast and reliable wifi as well as a good selection of suites that suit my budget. You see, whenever I do hotel staycations, I just laze around and spend most of the time inside so feeling pampered is important. I don’t usually watch TV but usually is online or just sleep. It’s a great way for a change of environment especially during this pandemic that most of the time, I’m just at home and working.

What I appreciate really is that check-in and check-out is good and fast. The front desk officers are friendly and accommodating and whenever I need help with something, like ordering food for room service or asking assistance on some very mundane things, I am well accommodated.

Bayfront Hotel Cebu
A worthy staycation for me: good, comfy and stylish rooms, a place to work (hey work from home guys!), good food and great location

2 Great place to work during a staycation

I had a Superior room and requested for one big bed, which I do prefer. Although there were no rooms available during that time, they accommodated my request by putting together two double beds! During my stay, I did have to check as well as work online, as I am wont to do. Even had a Zoom meeting and played Path of Exile, an online computer game that I have been playing since at the start of the year. What I do like is that the wifi is reliable and connecting to it is fast. It’s even better than the one I have at home! Uploading and downloading files are fast too.

Bayfront Hotel Cebu
View of SM City Cebu from one of the front facing suites. It really has a very great and convenient location

3 Great location!

One thing that makes Bayfront Hotel Cebu a better option is its great location. It’s halfway between the airport in Mactan and Cebu City center. It’s just a stone’s throw away from SM City Cebu which is just infront. Because the mall is just across, you have great options for food and shopping which is just a few minutes walk away. Needing some basic necessities or a quick cheap snack? There’s a 711 convenience store at the ground floor with, I think two ATMs just before the entrance.

If you’re traveling to provincial Cebu, the Cebu North Bus Terminal has relocated directly across and just beside the MyBus terminal. By the way, MyBus has a good network and if you’re coming from the Mactan International Airport as well as going to Talisay and Minglanilla in the south, it’s a good budget and comfortable option. And I often ride their buses from home to mall to Parkmall in Mandaue and to and fro the airport. No need for expensive taxis anymore. And to add, if you want to go to other parts of Cebu City, a queue of taxis is in front as well as good network of public jeeps and buses that go around.

Bayfront Hotel Cebu
Buffet meals anyone? Bayfront Hotel Cebu has breakfast buffets for checked-in guests and buffet lunch and dinner during weekends at an affordable rate

4 Buffets, ala carte dishes and that pochero!

I miss buffets especially during this pandemic! And good thing that my Bayfront Hotel Cebu staycation comes with a hearty breakfast buffet! Cafe Breeze, the hotel’s restaurant is the venue for this. I do love the location as it’s just at the ground floor beside the lobby. High ceiling with huge glass windows letting in more light plus a stylish design makes this a beautiful dining area. No fuss breakfast buffet consisting of the usual breakfast fare and sandwiches. There’s coffee as well as a DIY salad bar. There’s Cebu chorizo, those cute, round, spicy and sweet favorites too. And I do love the sikwate, traditional Cebuano hot chocolate that is often paired with gingery puto maya, another traditional fare made from malagkit (sticky rice). This morning breakfast fave is a staple in many streets and markets in Cebu and I often seek this out from time to time.

During weekends, there’s an affordable no fuss lunch and dinner buffets available. The selection is modest but sating and delicious. During my stay, the pochero soup is often served and you should not miss this one! For non Cebuanos, pochero is a beef stew and is the bulalo version popular in the province. Cafe Breeze’s version is, perhaps, one of the best that I have tried. It’s gingery and with enough heat (from sili espada, a kind of long peppers). And I should confess that I can’t just get enough of it! The first time I tasted this delicious soup, I had three small servings and always had it whenever it’s present. Although I haven’t tasted it, the lumpia was well recommended by the hotel.

And of course, you can also order ala carte meals and eat it either at the restaurant or have it via room service. I had mine with the latter and tried the chicken cordon bleu as well as the liempo bento which were also good.

Bayfront Hotel Cebu
It’s a very popular venue for celebrations where Cebuano’s come to mark special occasions

5 Bayfront Hotel Cebu is a great place for celebrations

One thing that surprised me with Bayfront Hotel Cebu was, despite the pandemic, celebrations have been held almost every day at its function halls (so I was told)! At the time I was there, I sneaked in at one of the function rooms at the fifth floor where a cotillon was being practiced and prepared (photo above). At the second floor, a boy’s birthday bash was also in the works complete with toys and children stuff. A day before, there was a wedding reception too. And this made me realize that the hotel is quite popular with Cebuanos who mark special life milestones. Heck, we even had our high school reunion here several years ago!

Should you stay at Bayfront Hotel Cebu? For me, yes! I had a great time. I had a wonderful staycation. Despite being on intermittent fasting (16:8, if you are curious), I had to put it on hold and just enjoy the food. Although I would have wanted to do my workouts there, the gym was close at the time. It was also easy and convenient to go to. And I just felt so pampered. So there.

And by the way guys, they have an upcoming hotel near the Cebu Provincial Capitol which will open soon later this year. Probably almost have the same number of rooms but then, it will have a rooftop venue plus a pool! So stay tuned when that property will open its doors. Soon.

Bayfront Hotel Cebu
Kaohsiung Street, North Reclamation Area
Cebu  City, Philippines 6000
Trunk line: +   Fax: +

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