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BatchoyHouse328, a must try batchoy in Cebu

If you want a good batchoy in Cebu for that bowl of happiness, BatchoyHouse328 is a must try.

BatchoyHouse328 menu (click to enlarge)

I love batchoy, that well loved Iloilo noodle dish that can be found in almost every city in the Philippines. And when I’m in Iloilo City, I always have it for breakfast almost everyday at Netong’s at the La Paz market.

In Cebu, one can find it in most places with Carlos Batchoy one of the city’s iconic and well known, having been there for ages. But if you’re craving for a good, La Paz style batchoy then, your options are quite limited.

Another La Paz style batchoy is Vcente Batchoy in Mandaue City which I will post about soon.


BatchoyHouse328 is the brainchild of Chef Vince Borja, whose mom is an Ilongga. He used to have two restaurants: Chop Chop Food Center and Uncle Noodles but when these two closed down, he put up this batchoy eatery.

I remember eating at BatchoyHouse328 several years back when it first opened at M Veloso St. in Guadalupe. It’s a small eatery outside an apartment that serves nothing but batchoy in two variants.

Last Tuesday, while walking around Cebu City looking for street art for my Langyaw Street Instagram account, I dropped by Escario Central to check if BatchoyHouse328 was still there. I visited their restaurant a few years ago here when it was still air conditioned. Because of the pandemic, they closed it down. Fortunately, they opened a smaller, open air one at the grassy ground across Cafe Sarree and just a stone’s throw from their previous location.

BtachoyHouse328’s Special Lapaz Batchoy with egg

Special Lapaz batchoy with egg

Because I wasn’t really that hungry, I ordered the special lapaz batchoy with egg. Although they only have one size, there’s an option of having it without egg, or double the meat. You can also have the beef batchoy or add other toppings at a cost (see menu above).

The hot bowl arrived, piping hot. It’s big though with lots of miki noodles, fresh egg, scallions, chicharon and pork meat. They did away with the liver and entrails though which are staples of La Paz batchoy.

I took a sip of the soup. Hot and on the salty side but still good. The noodles are firm too. And for the size, its perfect for a meal and good for people with hearty appetites.

Why have a bowl of batchoy at BatchoyHouse328?

Good bowl of batchoy: savory soup, huge serving and lots of firm, good noodles enough to sate a hungry tummy. I do find the slices of meat sparse but you can always have the meaty version which has twice the meat servings although a bit pricey.

Available 24 hours. Because it’s always available, you can always have a hot bowl of batchoy whenever you want, especially during a rainy or cool weather. Or if you miss a good La Paz style batchoy. If you’re feeling lazy going out, you can always order it online via Foodpanda or Grab Food.

Good location. It’s just in Escario Street, which is a good location and is just a short ride or walk away, especially if you’re near Vibo Place or around the capitol area. If you’re in Guadalupe or nearby, their M Veloso St. branch (delivery only) is convenient.

Batchoyhouse328 in Escario Central Hotel+Mall grounds

Escario Central Hotel+Mall grounds
N Escario St., Cebu City
Open 24 hours (also via Foodpanda and Grab Food)

13B M Veloso St.
Cebu City
For delivery only via Foodpanda and Grab Food


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