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Finally, Singapore hawker style food in Cebu! And its really good!

NOTE: Chop Chop Food Center has closed several years ago but Chef Vance Borja has his BatchoyHouse328 if you want a good, filling La Paz style batchoy.

Char kway teow! So good!
Char kway teow (wok fried noodles with sausages and fish cake in sweet and spicy soy sauce). It’s so good!

I haven’t been to Singapore for more than two years now and Malaysia, for a year. And that only means two things: I miss poring over the books in Konikuniya at the Takashimaya branch and eating at hawker food centers. I like these two countries especially the food! You’ll be spoilt for choices and if you’re ever in Malaysia, I just love the char kway teow!

That’s why when Johnn invited me and two other bloggers to check out this new restaurant in Mabolo, I didn’t hesitate. You see, its a Singapore style hawker joint and that is music to my ears! Despite the heavy rain, I was driving in no time to The Gallery, parked and entered excitedly. This is a first in Cebu and I need to satisfy my craving for good Singaporean food!

Chop Chop Food Center
The restaurant’s own curry tree. I didn’t believe it at first as for me, curry is a powder but I was wrong!

Chop Chop Food Center, which opened 28 August 2014, is the brainchild of Chef Vance Borja who has cooked for three years in Singapore. Although you might expect a big foodcourt with several specialty food shops, it’s more of a Singapore style restaurant.

And the food? You won’t be disappointed! It’s delicious and almost the real thing. Chef Vance mentioned that he has to limit the menu because most of the condiments, and ingredients are sourced out from Singapore. But eventually, he added, new dishes will be introduced.

And what made my day eating here? For one, the char kway teow is tops. I just love this dish! It’s the frequent noodle dish that I often order whenever I’m in Singapore, Malaysia or even at specialty asian restaurants where its available here in the Philippines. It’s one of the best I’ve tasted. Like the other dishes, you can request to temper the spiciness.

The chicken satay is also good with its peanut sauce dip. The soy chicken is tender and great tasting too. Although I didn’t like so much combining a little bit of sambal with my fried rice but in itself, is also good. The beef rendang is also another recommended dish and my companion was raving for it. Dessert, I do recommend the kacang (pronounced ka-chang)

Chop Chop Food Centre is really good and I fearlessly recommend it for those who miss good Singapore and Malaysian fare. It’s also a good restaurant for Cebuanos to be introduced to such tastes and flavors. Now, if only they have rose bandung and I will be extremely happy!

Chop Chop Food Center
Chicken in soy sauce (poached half chicken in fragrant soy sauce)
Chop Chop Food Center
Sambal fried rice (fried jasmine rice with egg, sausage, fish cake and bean sprouts with a spoonful of sambal at the side)
Chop Chop Food Center
Chicken satay (curry marinated chicken meat skewers with chili and nutty dipping sauce)
Chop Chop Food Center
Left, iced milo; right, chendol (mung bean and coconut milk pandan dessert drink)
Chop Chop Food Center
Ice kachang (mung bean, sweet corn and grass jelly snow cone in rose pandan syrup)
Chop Chop Food Center
Beef rendang (beef cubes in curry gravy, chili and coconut meat)
Interior space of the restaurant
Interior space of the restaurant

Chop Chop Food Centre
The Gallery
Juan Luna Street Corner Golam Drive Mabolo
Cebu City, Philippines
Telephone:(032) 236 8910
Operating Hours:Tuesday to Sunday
11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

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