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Cafe Eufemia, an intimate and cozy cafe in Pardo

This new cafe in Pardo opened a few months ago and its an intimate place perfect for your caffeine and sugar fix. Although they have limited food available to pair your beverages with for now, the selection is surprisingly good.

Pardo is not only known for its beautiful citadel like Spanish colonial era church, one of the most unique churches in the Philippines, but for two popular local halo halo brands, and Ginabot sa Pardo as well.

I was able to visit the cafe early last month upon the invitation of the owner, NN. She was a workmate and a dear friend way back when I was still working with Smart (I resigned in 2006) and we have kept in touch over the years.

First cafe in Pardo

We were thinking of introducing coffee sa Poblacion Pardo kay we observed na wala pa man jud coffee shop here…

(We were thinking of introducing coffee in Poblacion, Pardo since we observed that there’s still no coffee shop here…)

– NN

Cafe Eufemia opened in July and is named after NN’s Lola Emyang, then a wholesaler and retailer of tobacco during her time. It’s an open air cafe and can seat a few patrons. What it lacks in space is made up for its good coffee and other beverages as well as available desserts.

Quality products and premium ingredients

Both hot and cold drinks are available. But unlike other small cafes, Cafe Eufemia actually serves good coffee using premium beans. There’s espresso for that serious coffee lover. Fraps and ice blended coffee and non coffee based beverages for most. Tea drinks are also available which uses not just some instant tea powder but actually brewed from tea leaves! The toppings and sinkers are actually fresh fruit that she sources from a vendor just across the cafe. If you want the latter, you have to wait though as its prepared and brewed upon order, which is actually good.

I tried the espresso (so good!), the salted caramel frap (not overtly sweet which I prefer) and iced cafe latte (delicious). Yes, tried several compared to my usual cafe visits, LOL…

I tried the strawberry topped mini New York style cheesecake and its delicious. For a cheesecake lover, I highly recommend this one, even if without toppings! The brownie was, however, a good find! I’m not always a brownie lover, having tried not so good ones before but Cafe Eufemia’s is just darn good. If you love chocolates, you will surely love this cafe in Pardo’s very chocolatey brownies. NN told me that these were made with Belgian chocolates. All these are baked everyday by NN herself.

I would still have wanted to try other items in the cafe but then, I was already too full.

Other products and services

Cafe Eufemia is not only a cozy cafe in Pardo but also offers mobile coffee stations for special events. The cafe also sells whole cakes and I do highly recommend getting the Basque Burnt Cheesecake. It’s good with a gooey soft center and beautifully packaged.

Other than those mentioned above, the cafe also has dessert bars and smoothies, if you want something quick and refreshing. There are plans to expand the menu with hot food like sandwiches, fries and waffles.

Should you try Cafe Eufemia? YES! I highly recommend this cafe! Good desserts baked daily, great coffee and beverages, premium and imported ingredients in an intimate setting and it’s just at a side street near Pardo Church away from the highway noise and chaos. Even the barista is TESDA NC2 certified, thus you’re in for a good coffee and cafe experience.

Cafe Eufemia
Intimate, hole in the wall cafe in Pardo that is a first in the bustling area
Cafe Eufemia
You want espresso?
Cafe Eufemia
Iced caramel latte, strawberry topped New York style cheesecake and that so chocolatey brownie
Cafe Eufemia
Salted caramel frappé is the bomb! I like that its not overtly sweet but still have that slightly salty, caramel goodness
Cafe Eufemia
New York style cheesecake topped with premium strawberry. As a cheesecake lover, these are just so wonderfully good!
Cafe Eufemia
Very chocolatey brownie! Really love this one!
Basque burnt cheesecake is highly recommended which Cafe Eufemia sells whole. The center is so creamy and moist!
Cute shelf with coffee related items and knickknacks
Cafe Eufemia
J Tabura St.
Pardo, Cebu City
4:30PM-9PM Sunday to Friday (with Saturdays only upon special request from friends)
IG: @cafeeufemia

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