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Should you try the Dunkin’ K-Bun?

I confess I got excited when I saw social media posts advertising the new Dunkin’ K-Bun. Uhm. Yes. Why? Because I’ve long wanted to try this one. Three reasons:

  1. Garlic. Who doesn’t love garlic? Unless you’re a vampire.
  2. Cream cheese. Darn, there’s a reason cheesecake is one of my favorite desserts.
  3. I’ve always seen this Korean garlic cream cheese bun photos in social media but there’s just not a store close by where I can try this out. And so…

The Dunkin’ K-Bun is the latest bunwich product from Dunkin’ Philippines, albeit, a long overdue hop on this Korean bun bandwagon but… its never too late, I guess.

I went to South Town Centre in Tabunok the day it’s availability was announced only to find that their shop was renovated and it wasn’t available at their temporary stall. Two days later, I visited their newly expanded branch in Gaisano Fiesta Mall. Fortunately, they have it.

I ordered one without the drinks as I just wanted to try it. The staff prepared it. I took my seat and waited for around five minutes.

How I find the Dunkin’ K-Bun

The Dunkin’ K-Bun arrived in a colorful box. I opened it and was surprised to see it’s size. Probably a 4-5 inch bun. I can smell the garlic which was daubed on top. The cream cheese mixture peered out from the center then topped with parsely.

I pulled a quarter. Took some in and… delicious. I like the garlicky taste. The cream cheese is sweet too but just enough sweetness. The bun however wasn’t that soft as I wanted it to be. After taking some photos, I continued to gorge on the Dunkin’ K-bun.

Should you try it? Of course! I enjoyed it but would have preferred to have more of the cream cheese filling. I would not mind buying it again.

The Dunkin’ K-Bun costs PHP75 which I think is a good price point. You can also have it with a large hot or iced coffee for PHP140.

dunkin k bun
The Dunkin’ K-Bun inside its packaging. It’s a brioche (?) bun with a crosswise cut then filled with garlic, a sweet cream cheese sayce then topped with parsley.
dunkin k bun
Showing how the garlic cream cheese filling looks from the inside
@anglangyaw I'm loving new #kbun, their version of that hit #koreangarliccheesebread that just hit the shelves this week! Garlicky, cheesy, slightly sweet cream cheese filling on #briochebread at PHP75. #dunkin #dunkinph #koreanbread #cebufoodie #garliccreamcheesebun ? The Deer King – Lyte Funkie Ones