It wasn’t in the plan but my friend, Raegan, world authority on Philippine Odonata (dragonflies and damselflies) invited me for a trip to the hinterlands of Marilog District to see Epol Waterfalls and check out the beetles found in this area.

Fruits in Davao City? You name it! From durians, to mangosteens to pomelos, rambutans and marangs. There are lots to chose from. But there is another one, strange looking, small, and rather curious and fleshy: the yellow dragon fruit (Selenicereus megalanthus) is sweeter and better tasting than it’s red/pinkish cousin (genus Hylocereus). This, I’ve found only in Davao City.

Simple. Fly or travel to Davao and upon arriving stuff your nose with the smell of durian. During the months of August – October, the air in Davao is perfumed with this fruit. It’s all over the place. From parks, to malls, to streets. It might be a stinking city for the uninitiated but for durian lovers, it is heaven.

It wasn’t in my plan but the moment I saw the restaurant’s marquee, Kusina Davao, a flood of memories came rushing in. Wow, pork with salted egg siopao and I can almost savor the hot steaming white bun before me.