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At the Philippines’ eastern edge, Pusan Point

This white cross stands near the cliff’s edge at Pusan Point.

Caraga is not only famous for its century old, Spanish colonial era church but also, by reason of geography, its claim to be the easternmost point in the country which is punctuated by Pusan Point. This landmark is accessed in the town of Santiago but is still a few kilometers from town over rolling hills, coconut groves and small fields. One should ride a 4×4 vehicle but the best way to enjoy the trail is to hire a habalhabal, from the town or in Caraga but the latter entails a lot of expense as it’s quite distant.

One knows when Pusan Point is near when the trail starts to go downhill and comes to a clearing. A marker officially denotes the importance of the site while near the cliff’s edge, a railing and cemented steps can be found. A little farther to the left, a large white cross can be seen.

Close up of a pool and its rough rock surfaces.

While one can explore the rocky cliff, one has to take care not to cut one’s skin as the surface is very sharp. Slippers are not advisable as you could easily scratch your feet and toes. Be sure to have a good grip as slipping can have fatal consequences. There are, however, several hidden but shallow pools in between crevices or outcrops.

The shallow cliff drop off at the point.

There are no beach like portions here where one can take a bath as its really very rugged. During the millenium sunrise watch, visitors massed here to lay stake to the claim that they were the first ones to see it in the country. Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperative. It was cloudy and it drizzled but the sun seemed to have managed a peek.

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  1. Wow! Yan pala ang pinaka Eastern part of Pinas. Those rugged cliffs reminds me somehow of Batanes.

  2. oy Pusan Point. the easternmost part of the country where the first sunrise lay…

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