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The coastal town of Baganga


map_caraga.gif Baganga, Davao Oriental is the next town north of Caraga. Nothing much here but the rural scenery is beautiful. It is a typical idyllic, Philippine agricultural town along the rugged coastline facing the Pacific Ocean where life is slow paced, unhurried and bucolic. Rice paddies as well as coconut groves dominate the scenery. In the market, fresh fish abounds.

The fastest route to this town from Davao is via Cateel, a town to the north where there’s a road linking it to Trento in Agusan del Sur. Compared to the coastal road via Mati, the highway is well paved until Trento, and safer.


A young boy washing by the river’s edge. The waters are cool and clean, cascading down from the mountains, carpeted with virgin forests, between Davao Oriental and Compostela Valley to the east. Security is also one of the concerns in the eastern coast as rebels find refuge at the mountain ranges. However, today’s situation is a lot better than before. Day trips are advisable but I have tried driving once at night.


At the market, large fish are sold cheap and fresh. This type of fish is quite fatty and very succulent when grilled. The seas just beyond the coastline are rich fishing grounds.


A woman drying golden grains of rice at the inner barangays of the town. The municipality is an ideal land for rice and other crops as the land is quite fertile and no typhoons ever set foot here.


Another common site that can be seen in other parts of the country especially Central Luzon, rice grains take over a portion of the highway for drying. It is much convenient for the farmers here as they are closer to home and can watch over it from time to time while doing other chores. Compare this to drying at the fields where birds are a menace.


14 thoughts on “The coastal town of Baganga”

  1. I love to travel and was a free spirit during my college days just hopping on a bus and a boat with friends, a backpack and my old Ricoh SLR (now in my personal museum, hehe) and a sketchbook. I miss those days… the places, the culture, the surprises, and the girls that comes along. hehe. Now with family and a job that ties you down most of the days I just travel on holidays and when sent to official company visits.

    Great blog here.

  2. That’s what I like about your photos, you really capture the simple and everyday life and make it really interesting to see.

  3. I love the top picture… life in the provinces…

  4. thanx for the visit guys.

    Rey, yeah, single life is always a bliss with all those adventures and stuff. But I think married life has its perks also 🙂

    But there are always time to go out there with your family.

  5. kudos for the amazing shots,!..seeing these greats, this i am inspired to try my hand on photography ..

    more power.., ill send you to my roll..

  6. Thank you for featuring Baganga, my hometown. I had been there living for 16 years and now I am in the city and visit my hometown only twice or thrice a year. Nice blog here!

  7. nick dio

    I was there January to February 1986 doing some work @ Caltex depot. It was a short but very pleasant stay. Made friends with local folks Tisyo & some other drinking buddies from Norcamco. I miss the place!

  8. Nice write up for my beautiful place!i was really longing to visit Baganga.Though i was not born and raised there,i love this place.It is where i started my primary school years before going for good to Davao is my utmost wish to go and visit again this place for some nostalgic reasons.I am planning to travel there by my own car from Davao city and enjoy the sceneries!.By the way, is it safe to travel there? not so much with the road i am concerned with but the peace and order situation,you now what i mean!.specially that i am bringing my family with me..

  9. hi marcus,

    I think it is safe to travel there even at night. Good luck on your travel.

  10. joseph agullo

    you didn’t feature san victor island, carolina lake and the hot spring.

  11. joseph, i’m planning a return trip to the eastern coast. i’ll check these out. thanx bai 🙂

  12. richel

    hi thank you for featuring our hometown baganga!

  13. hi there, i am very thankful that i found this blog. you know guys every time i saw these kind topic about my place where i see the world, i feel so happy and proud specially if the place is upraised.. thanks guys…

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