We love waterfalls that energize the body. We chase these too because of their beauty. Sometimes for the challenge of getting there but swimming in their cool waters is one of the best rewards of finding one. From the time I visited my first waterfall at the age of 14 to the present, I’ve probably been to more than a hundred. Most I purposefully seek out while a few were serendipitous discoveries. However, I have noticed that over the years, I gravitate to these waterfalls…Continue Reading “5 Waterfalls that energize your body”

We were literally jumping or climbing over boulders that filled the riverbed in what supposed to be a short 15 minute trek to Liktinon Falls, with liktin, Hiligaynon for jump. But the trail was rather confusing. While me, a guide and another were leading the pack, we arrived first at the waterfalls, some of those with us got lost and they arrived almost an hour from the starting point. Liktinon Falls, is a series of short cascades in Barangay Bayuyan in President Roxas, Capiz. What…Continue Reading “Jumping over boulders to reach Liktinon Falls”

The interior of Capiz is quite interesting. Not only are there several waterfalls like Kalikasan and Malinamon Falls but there are also beautiful caves. I’ve visited two in the landlocked municipality of Dumalag: Lahab and Suhot Caves within a natural spring resort compound. Lahab is stunning and creepy. It’s mouth dark with several stalactites visible from the entrance, giving it a menacing look. Devilish. A probable portal to the underworld of which Capiz is rumored to be the haven of such creatures? But those are…Continue Reading “Caving and cold spring in Dumalag”

Don’t know where to have a budget friendly but delicious food in Roxas City, carinderia style? Check out Pizza Junction along Rizal St. and just beside Roxas President’s Inn. It’s airconditioned, has good meals and desserts. It’s also pleasantly designed set in a beautiful heritage house in streamline moderne architectural style! Whenever I’m in Roxas City and want fast meals, be it lunch, or snacks, I head to Pizza Junction. Food is good and delicious, service is fast and the place is clean. I had…Continue Reading “A delicious fastfood find in Roxas City”