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Are you ready to eat puyoy?

Vendors selling and grilling puyoy

Regine ( takes a bite
Regine ( takes a bite
There was something disconcerting at the sight of puyoy, locally abundant eels, skewered to a stick and grilled along the town center of President Roxas municipality in Capiz province. Seen in another way, or if you have a fertile imagination, think of it as baby snakes on sticks.

At just P5 per stick with about 2-3 or even 4 pieces of eel, depending on the size, you can have a delectable and bony snack. Pair it with freshly cooked rice and you have a filling meal. Yes, the eel is bony and it gives that crunch while eating it from the stick while the barbecue sauce makes it a treat.

But I’m no fan of bony food, much less eels but, just to sate my curiosity, ate a stick of puyoy. It’s actually delicious, except that I get turned off with the tiny bones. But these are not the sharp hard stuff that usually get stuck in one’s throat.

My thanx to the Capiz Provincial Tourism for this opportunity.

13 thoughts on “Are you ready to eat puyoy?”

  1. the siquijor jeepney I was on last year parked on the side of the road. and I thought the fence had tiny snakes on it. unsa diay, small eels man diay gibulad! the vision turned my stomach a bit. but I will be willing to taste and experience sinugba puyoy. this way, I can form my opinion….

  2. At second glance I thought baby snakes but here it’s eels. I have tried this cuisine pero sa restaurant lang. Adobong eel siya and I agree, the small bony parts are annoying. I’d like to see this for myself though.

  3. estancabigas

    unsa kahay tawag ngadto Verns?

  4. estancabigas

    you have to travel to Pres Roxas and Pilar, Capiz 🙂

  5. estancabigas


  6. Kate Mina

    I’ll take my chances and it puyoy! :p

  7. christian edward paul dee

    ooohhh…puyoy it is… im not into exotic foods but i might try this…thank you for sharing…

  8. estancabigas

    Christian, its still fish. 🙂


    i might try this at night like balut or when drunk as a tasty pulutan . hehe

  10. estancabigas

    its really not that bad 🙂

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