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Anda Global Beach Resort

Accommodations at the resort
Accommodations at the resort

Anda Global Beach Resort is one of many resorts with accommodations along the long stretch of white sand beach in Anda, Bohol, where Quinale Beach is located, in fact the two are just a few meters away from each other. When I was here for the Holy Week, the LGU accommodated me at this resort.

The bed is comfortable enough, including the pillows that I can’t complain much. The airconditioning okay, especially that at times, it can be hot and humid outside. There’s cable television but I really don’t watch whenever I’m in the hotel, not just here, but whenever I’m checked-in. Toilet and bath is also ok but because of uncovered openings here, mosquitoes can enter.

A look inside the P1,500 room
A look inside the P1,500 room

The resort area is quite big and there is still lots of open space. It has an open pavilion where beach goers can gather for their meals. The videoke singers can be a pain in the ass with their loud music and bad vocals that I do wonder how the foreigners are taking it here. Anyway, as most of the time I was out of the resort, I need not suffer from ear splitting, badly sung music.

Nights are peaceful and the resort closes its gate. Beachwise? I prefer going to Quinale Beach, which is just a few steps from this resort. I like the talisay trees there and quite breezy. If you are only here to stay, Anda Global Beach resort can be a good base. But like the rest of the seaside resorts can be pricey. Rates starts at P1,500.

My great thanx to Mayor Angelina Simacio for hosting me in Anda, Bohol and to Kathy Pitlo for guiding me around the municipality.

2 thoughts on “Anda Global Beach Resort”

  1. For P1,500, it looks ok. the interior of the room does not look shabby at all.

  2. Dalia

    Do they have a contact number? How can we reserve rooms

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