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The Great Media Cookout at Cafe Marco

The Buenaviaje Brother's Crispy Pata in Kare-kare Sauce
The Buenaviaje Brother’s Crispy Pata in Kare-kare Sauce

Sunstar columnist Alexis Yap's Kini ang Kinilaw
Sunstar columnist Alexis Yap’s Kini ang Kinilaw
You know these guys. You read them in the papers or blogs, you bump into them during events, you see their works in media. They are celebrities in their own turf. But what if you invite them and focus the spotlight on a different talent? Cooking?

In the latest edition of Cafe Marco’s Culinary Journey, they invited Cebuano media personalities to share their special recipes, be it a family heirloom or their favorite food they want to concoct at the kitchen. Not only are they a talented lot, with the help of Ms. Jessica Avila, you can now have a taste of their creations.

It was a feast. I had Photojournalist Tonee Despojo’s light and healthy grilled boneless bangus wrapped in banana leaves as a start. Followed by GMA Cebu’s station manager Ms. Ann Marie Tan’s humba with egg which I liked very much. Not too greasy like most and tender. The Freeman’s food writer, Dr. Nestor Alonso’s jade green prawns were not only interesting to look at but tasty as well.

Photojournalist Tonee Despojo with his Steamed Boneless Bangus, left; Dr. Nestor Alonso's Beef in Perpetual Sauce
Photojournalist Tonee Despojo with his Steamed Boneless Bangus, left; Dr. Nestor Alonso’s Beef in Perpetual Sauce

Then there’s Sunstar Columnist Alexis Yap with his Kini ang Kinilaw. Ceviche made with fresh tangigue (mackerel). Lifestyle writer of The Freeman and Philippine Star, Ms. Honey Jarque-Loop whipped up a delectable chicken dish, pollo a la chilindron, a family recipe while I had a taste of Sunstar Weekend Editor Noel Villaflor’s Sisig with Kesong Puti.

But what I did like the best was from the Buenaviaje brothers, their father’s Crispy Pata with Kare-kare sauce. Who doesn’t love this cholesterol laden, deep fried dish smothered with another Filipino favorite recipe that is best eaten with bagoong? Its the best of both worlds: the crunchiness of the crispy pata and the saltiness of the bagoong mixed with the peanut sauce of the kare-kare.

There are still other dishes: lapu-lapu al horno (Loop), steamed lapu-lapu (grouper) with sunflower oil (Despojo), crispy squid rolls and beef in perpetual sauce (Alonso), chicken binakol (Tan) and mango float (Yap). All these, a delectable smorgasbord that will just make you salivate and finish sated and happy.

The Great Media Cookout is available at Cafe Marco, Miele Guide’s 5th best restaurant in the Philippines from 12-21 April, lunch and dinner.

Cafe Marco
Marco Polo Plaza Cebu
Cebu Veterans Drive
Nivel Hills, Apas
Cebu City
+63 2 253 1111

4 thoughts on “The Great Media Cookout at Cafe Marco”

  1. estancabigas

    Nice seeing you too bai! Great food you have 🙂

  2. That Crispy Pata in Kare-kare Sauce ini-imagine ko na masarap! Cholesterole laden nga naman pero sulit! ha! Thanks for the share sir estan! Sana meron din sa ibang Marco Polo. =)

  3. estancabigas

    wala na to since it was part of a culinary journey event ng Cafe Marco sa Cebu. masarap 🙂

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