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10 not so known waterfalls in the Philippines

Have you been to these ten not so known waterfalls in the Philippines?

We all love waterfalls and we always want to go to one to enjoy the cool waters, to experience a great hike to such wonders or just to enjoy Nature at its best. Being a tropical country with lots of mountains, rivers and forests, visiting a waterfall is one great way to experience the country! Below are ten cascades that I’ve been, from Luzon, Visayas to Mindanao that are not as known as, say Maria Cristina Falls in Iligan or Magdapio Falls (popularly known as Pagsanjan or Cavinti Falls) in Laguna. It’s a small list but something that you can visit when you go to these provinces. More coming soon.

Anuplig Falls (Adams, Ilocos Norte), one of the many waterfalls in the Philippines
Anuplig Falls (Adams, Ilocos Norte)

1 Anuplig Falls

Adams, the border town of Ilocos Norte with Cagayan province is located at the end of the Cordilleras and reaching this municipality is an adventure in itself, passing through a rough road cut into the forest. The town is known for its many waterfalls and one of the accessible ones is Anuplig Falls. It’s about an hour from the town and, compared to the other waterfalls in this list, differs as it has a smaller basin that pours out of a low lip.

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Bagsang Falls (Gonzaga, Cagayan)
Bagsang Falls (Gonzaga, Cagayan)

2 Bagsang Falls

It is small and short but charming and endearing. This one is rather remote though and less people come here to visit and you can just call it your personal waterfall. Located near an Aeta settlement, its a leisurely hike along the edge of cornfields, following a stream and entering a forest. The water is cool and the basin shallow but you can go behind the water curtain.

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Tagpao Falls (Tubo, Abra)
Tagpao Falls (Tubo, Abra)

3 Tagpao Falls

It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Philippines that I have been to and perhaps, one of the country’s tallest. But its so remote, around five hours to reach the town of Tubo from the provincial capital, Bangued. It’s another one day trek over very mountainous terrain to reach the base camp that, during the wet season is teeming with leeches. And then an hour from the base camp to the bottom of the falls, trekking through the forest, climbing boulders and fallen trees and fending off those leeches. But the sight of Tagpao Falls is heavenly!

Casaroro Falls (Valencia, Negros Oriental)
Casaroro Falls (Valencia, Negros Oriental)

4 Casaroro Falls

It’s one of those typical waterfall treks that one has to take: steep descending trails but once you get to the base, it’s a leisurely walk to the waterfall over cemented pathways. It’s forested and one can see several interesting insects fluttering around the bushes and flowers. The place has been developed before and there’s a covered structure where one can see the waterfall from afar.

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Tinago Falls (Caibiran, Biliran)
Tinago Falls (Caibiran, Biliran)

5 Tinago Falls

Probably Biliran’s popular waterfalls, it is easily accessible in the municipality of Caibiran, passing through the beautiful country side of the province on well paved roads. The trip itself is stunning and memorable as you pass expansive rice fields, mountains and forests. The waterfall area has been developed and there’s a small fee collected at the entrance. There are dressing and wash rooms, a small covered area as well as cemented walkways leading to the main waterfall.

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Malinamon Falls (Jamindan, Capiz)
Malinamon Falls (Jamindan, Capiz)

6 Malinamon Falls

It was just discovered a few years ago and is one of around five (or six) waterfalls located within the Camp Peralta grounds, a military reservation in Jamindan, Capiz. It’s beautiful with a wide curtain distributed across the eroded boulder where the river passes. However, one has to start early as the trail can be long and hot as it is open.

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Bulingan Falls (Lamitan, Basilan)
Bulingan Falls (Lamitan, Basilan)

7 Bulingan Falls

This waterfall, Bulingan Falls is an interesting one, with its block like stone steps where the water cascades is almost similar to the rock formations at Cathedral Falls (below) but inverted! The place has been developed and its not really difficult to reach, especially if you have your own car. The sides have been beautified and cement benches constructed. Not really liking the development but this is a must because of the unusual rock formations.

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Epol Falls (Marilog District, Davao City)
Epol Falls (Marilog District, Davao City)

8 Epol Falls

Marilog District in Davao City is mountainous and borders with Bukidnon province. Among its many mountains is Epol Falls, a popular weekend getaway. The trail leading here is leisurely and well established and one can even go at the top of the short waterfall. It’s a pretty cascade with a shallow basin good for swimming.

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Situbo Falls (Tampilisan, Zamboanga del Norte)
Situbo Falls (Tampilisan, Zamboanga del Norte)

9 Situbo Falls

This is one of the curtain type waterfalls in the Philippines that is really stunning! This two tier falls is a bit distant from the main road although one can hire a habalhabal to reach it via unpaved roads. From the end of the road is a short but easy descending trail that is manageable. I arrived here during an afternoon and the only other people around was a local hunting for river eels and frogs. Basin is shallow but cool to swim.

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Cathedral Falls (Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte)
Cathedral Falls (Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte)

10 Cathedral Falls

This is one stunning waterfall with an interesting rock formation at its wall resembling blocks of stone arranged neatly. It’s popular in the municipality and easily reached. We were supposed to swim but at the times I was there, the water was murky. Caution should be taken as there was a reported death by drowning a few years ago. A habalhabal or tricycle from the town center can bring you here.

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18 thoughts on “10 not so known waterfalls in the Philippines”

  1. great compilation! dreaming to visit them all…

  2. loli piañar buta

    Cathedral falls s unique with its formation

  3. Bryan

    There’s a lot more like the Ban-awan and Amandaraga falls in Lawaan, Eastern Samar.

  4. Wow! Really wonderful cascades! Thanx for the suggestion Bryan. I might visit these.

  5. alain

    so far 2/10. 🙂

  6. rylle valdez

    Nice. I do chase and count waterfalls too.

  7. rylle valdez

    Bryan, I’m planning to visit the 2 falls at Lawaan, any suggestions? Thanks, Rylle

  8. The legendary falls of Samar Province
    CALBIGA – Lulugayan Falls, Mabilisbiges Falls
    SAN JORGE – Blanca Aurora Falls, Pinipisakan Falls
    STA. MARGARITA – Kalipkipon Falls, Nabura Falls
    1. Caglanipao Sur – Busay Falls, Angel Falls
    2. Tinaplacan – Larik Falls, Bangon Falls (5 cascades, Tarangban Falls, Paterno Falls 1 & 2, Burubarko Falls, Burubaluto Falls
    3. Malaga – Malaga Falls, Madalunot Falls
    4. San Joaquin – Lulugayan Falls
    5. Ba-ay – Busay Falls
    6. Mantaong – Amamaliuan Falls
    7. Barral – Ton-ok Falls
    8. Pilar – Pan-as Falls (17 cascades)
    9. Dawo – Calbiga Falls, Dawo Falls
    10. Caybago – Tabocno Falls

  9. Batsz

    Nindota oi escpecially the Bulingan Falls of Basilan. I hope it is safe to get there. Thanks for this info Estan! Biliba oi!

  10. Well, okay naman sa Lamitan, if you are within the city limits. Kung lalabas na, recommended you know someone.

  11. charmaine abaday

    Try to visit nadsadjan falls, guiritsan falls, libog falls, butuan and lagsakan falls at Igbaras, Iloilo

  12. Thanx Charmaine for the suggestions. I saw a photo of one of the falls in Igbaras and it really looks good. Will visit these.

  13. These waterfalls are just amazing. It’s great that they’re not over crowded. Hopefully they will maintain the places.

  14. Bulingan and Cathedral falls remind me of the Giant Causeway of Ireland!

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