Short but beautiful Bagsang Falls

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Beautiful Bagsang Falls in Gonzaga, Cagayan
Cool waters in a forested setting

The road to Sitio Bagsang in Barangay Sta. Clara, Gonzaga, Cagayan is rough. But it didn’t deter us or our van driver as we got excited with visiting a waterfall in Cagayan province and go bathing at its cool waters.

Indigenous Agta children making Sitio Bagsang home

I like waterfalls, big or small, high or short, spectacular or not so spectacular. Its the challenge of going to these water wonders that make the trip worthwhile and rewarded with a cool bath in refreshing waters. And Bagsang Falls is no exception.

Just less than a kilometer from the Agta (original inhabitants of northern Luzon, they are also called Ati, Aeta, Dumagat in other provinces where they are present) village, its a pleasant walk to the edge of farmlands where the forest line ends and just tracing a few trail including a short descent. The farmlands are extensive and at high noon, can be very hot. Good thing that when we entered the forest, it was all cool filled with birdsong and damselflies darting along the way.

Part of the river system of Bagsang Falls
Vegetation and footpath going to the waterfall. CLICK TO ENLARGE

The short descend ends exactly at the pool where the water falls. It is cool though and with the kind of forested environment, the experience of bathing at its waters are heightened.

There are vines hanging, tall trees, interesting flora and flowers as well as a beautiful stream set against a verdant backdrop. But the waterfalls is just beautiful. Short and because it is more like a huge rock projecting out, one can even sit behind the cascade, a rare thing in most waterfall and the pool is just thigh deep. Perfect for children. The water is also good as a hydro massage.

Our gratitute to Tita Marissa, energetic and fun to be with tourism officer of Gonzaga, Cagayan for assisting us during our exploration of the municipality.

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