Enjoying wafer ice cream in Singapore

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Ice cream bars in wafer sandwich. A good way to bear the tropical heat. Above, durian flavor.

Who says its only found in the Philippines? Ice cream sandwich
How to bear the intense heat in Singapore? WEH-FEH! Weh-feh what?

It was high noon, the heat was just unbearable as I was going around the flea market near Bugis Junction and MRT to shoot for an assignment. And while looking at the merchandise and people going around while taking shots, I noticed an ice cream vendor with people milling around waiting to buy.

Wafer ice cream is rather popular in Singapore. It is that country’s equivalent of our own dirty ice cream, the sorbetero with his tankfull of delicious and creamy flavored dessert. In Singapore, it is known as potong (cut) and comes in different flavores: mint chip, blueberry, cherry ripple, durian, sweet corn and others.

The Little Red Dot hosted my Singapore travel for ten days and during this time, I was able to become familiar with the culture, food and anything that made this small country one of the biggest in Southeast Asia. From what I saw, he was handing out small blocks of different colored ice cream sandwiched between thin wafers wrapped in transparent plastic. Feeling the heat and my mouth getting dryer by the minute, I came close. Ordered and got mine for S$1 a piece. Delicious? I had durian. And not content, I tried the mint chip. A couple of minutes later, I tried blueberry. So delicious. A good way to beat the tropical heat!

This trip was made possible through the invitation of David of The Little Red Dot Hostel. Check them out whenever you’re in Singapore for cheap rates.

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