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Adam’s enchanting Anuplig Falls

Almost hidden, Anuplig Falls is the reward from a long trek

I was in the NORTH. Up at the coasts of Cagayan and the Ilocos Norte provinces when I was again invited to be part of Lakbay Norte’s 2011 edition, Leg 2, visiting several new and interesting spots as well as reacquainted with some old sites. The day didn’t look good. Overcast. The sky a boring white with no features. But we arrived in Adams, Ilocos Norte’s last town up north, remote and secluded in the last stands of the mighty Cordilleras before terminating at Pasaleng Bay.

Media persons with us who took the dip

After a short introduction and snacks of fresh buko juice and delicious biko, sweet native rice, we were told that it will be an hour’s hike to our destination, Anuplig Falls, just one of several, actually, more than 10 cascades found in the municipality.

At a moderate pace, we passed along the road following the river then crossed the spillway to a rugged trail. From residential houses to farmlands, pasture and eventually to the forest line along rolling hills.

The trail wasn’t really difficult, with no steep ascents and descents except near the river where the waterfall is just part of the water system.

It can be tiring though but the beautiful view of forest covered mountains, farmlands and interesting flora and occasional insects crossing our path made it less of a labor.

After an hour, we were finally near our destination and the cries of excitement just made our pace faster with me trying to dart, nevermind if the trail has become too rugged with tree roots making it a bit challenging. But we persevered.

Closer view of Anuplig Falls
Bloggers and media trekking to Anuplig Falls

It was a beauty. Anuplig Falls was there, enchanting. From the distance, amidst the rocky river there she was, large volume of water pouring into a small pool and the rest spilling below a larger pool.

The water is cold but just welcome as it cools the hot body from all the trekking. This is what I like about Anuplig Falls. Ensconced in a cul de sac of a stony wall the cascade just pours and pours, thunderous from a distance. And after the initial amazement, the water, lapping at one’s feet and lower legs become inviting.

The area is forested and adds to the coolness of the river. My companions were diving and jumping in the water while I was busy taking images. After an hour, it was time to go. Up to the trailhead where it can be difficult to walk the trail, hanging vines and weak branches.

But the beauty of it all? Anuplig Falls stays in your memory. Something that can be retrieved when work’s get tougher or gets into ones nerves. When the call of the wild makes you smile and decide, I should go there again, soon…

8 thoughts on “Adam’s enchanting Anuplig Falls”

  1. there’s no stopping nature not even a boring-looking sky. other discoveries like the one you found will always make your trek worthwhile. with the human element sa isang photo, the falls look so intimidating. mataas pala s’ya.

  2. estancabigas

    yup, but not too high compared with other waterfalls. pero its really unique wherein it has a small pool with spillover to a larger one.

  3. Kenji

    I haven’t traveled much but this is currently the most beautiful waterfall I’ve ever seen…

  4. estancabigas

    Hello Kenji,

    There are still lots of waterfalls in the country and I’ll be posting these soon. Thanx for visiting 🙂


  5. Totally agree with that. Even in Adams itself holds a lot of them. Will be visiting Adams again soon. Hehe.

  6. estancabigas

    Yup! I think Adams also have 18 other waterfalls 🙂


  7. Roderick Queral

    Kaya po ba ng mga senior citizen ang trail?

  8. I think kaya naman as long as dahan dahan. walking sticks highly recommended.

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