Ah, waterfalls and Mindanao has lots and lots of it! But did you know that there are a few very accessible waterfalls around the island and it’s island provinces? So accessible that you can just drive, park by the roadside and already see this wonder of nature. This is perfect for the lazy traveler who doesn’t want the steep ascent and descent just to see one! 1 Aliwagwag Falls It’s considered the longest waterfall in the country and with the most number of levels! Aliwagwag…Continue Reading “Roadside waterfalls around Mindanao for the lazy traveler”

It was another beautiful waterfall in Lanao del Norte, but more remote, more challenging than Cathedral Falls. Our first attempt to go there, we had to postpone it as it was already 4PM and the dark sky was foreboding. But it didn’t dampen our spirits. We departed after lunch the next day. After visiting the barangay captain who gave us a guide, we hit the trail. I was expecting a forested setting but we passed by bucolic sceneries, river bends and coconut groves. After 30…Continue Reading “A challenging trek to Sta. Cruz Falls”

The bumpy ride was long and the air was humid. After more than a few hours of riding the habalhabal albeit roofed, the toll on the butt can just be painful. But going to Taktak Falls, Siargao, in the municipality of Sta. Monica, was a refreshing change of scenery, a break from the long stretches of seascapes and the horizon. Here was something fresh and cool. Taktak Falls in Siargao is one of just a few waterfalls in the island group. I remember another in…Continue Reading “The cool waters of Taktak Falls”

The waterfall cascades down a gorge like formation. To make a deeper pool, a portion has been blocked with rocks. Just a meter where the water falls are two rocks, barely breaking the surface but where one can stand or just sit and gaze.