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They had great fun at Ilocos Norte Sand Dunes

Franzen of Trip na Trip

I was in the NORTH. Up at the coasts of Cagayan and the Ilocos Norte provinces when I was again invited to be part of Lakbay Norte’s 2011 edition, Leg 2, visiting several new and interesting spots as well as reacquainted with some old sites. You need not go to the Middle East just to experience sand boarding in the deserts. The Ilocos Norte Sand Dunes is just as perfect!

Its actually an easy and fun sport that makes the adrenaline rush addictive. The area, a declared National Geological Monument, is found only in the province of Ilocos Norte, at the western side near the sea straddling the municipalities of Paoay, Pasuquin, Currimao and the city of Laoag. The best sand boarding spots are in La Paz, Laoag City and Paoay.

Isn’t it time that you visit this place and have the time of your life sandboarding or even have wild 4×4 fun? For more details, check this post.

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Ida the mermaid and artist
Kenneth of the Philippine Daily Inquirer
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6 thoughts on “They had great fun at Ilocos Norte Sand Dunes”

  1. I can feel the rush while watching the images. Will try this one day! :)shoot sa bucket list hehe

  2. Hah, I love the looks on their faces, it definitely spells adrenaline 😀 Must try this someday!

  3. That looks like a blast! It’s actually a somewhat common passtime here in Oz too. The resort I’m staying at in QLD next month does it!

  4. Tripper, you should. its really fun 🙂

  5. Coool!!! I will try this when I get lost in Ilocos soon. 🙂

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