Cebu, Gensan, Singapore and Malaysia. Again.

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The Singapore Flyer gives one a very good view of Singapore

I never imagined that this year, I’ll be doing lots of international travel, gratis et amore. First, there was Hong Kong followed by Singapore and Malaysia on a cruise. This time, I will be back in the two Southeast Asian countries upon the invitation of a hostel owner in Singapore. No, it won’t be R&R but still work, travel blogging though.

The trip is around 10 days but most of the time I will be in Singapore with one or two nights spent in Malacca, Malaysia visiting tourism sites, sampling the local cuisine and probably meet friends there, if time permits. I’m rather excited. Never have I spent this long in the small city state of Singapore but I would want to explore not only the popular attractions but some quirky stuff and also those that are not too touristy but worth visiting/featuring.

These Asian trip will happen at the start of October. Before that, I’ll be flying back to my home province of Cebu to visit a waterfall at the western side and then fly to Gensan. I’m not really sure what I will be doing there but I would want to visit Maitum and the burial caves there, if I have the time and contacts. If not, it will just be in the southern city and familiarize myself again as it has been ages since I was there.

Flying out of Manila starting tomorrow.

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  1. @mica, thanx for the info! this will be of great help 🙂

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