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A riot of blossoms at Hong Kong’s flower market

A beautiful Phalaenopsis sp. in one of the stores

I was invited by AirPhil Express to join them in their maiden flight from Cebu to Hong Kong and stayed for almost a week to explore, photograph and get to know more about this beautiful place south of the Chinese mainland. Hong Kong’s flower market at Yuen Po in Mong Kok is just a stone’s throw away from Bird Street. Really, one cannot miss this important area because of its colorful displays of, what else, flowers, of different species, from temperate to tropical countries, varying in form that it dazzles the eyes.

I’ve been reading about this market, one of three that is popular that includes Bird Street as well as Goldfish Market for pets. After a brief saunter at the former, I was just amazed at the variety of blossoms that this area has to offer. Never have I seen so many kinds of roses and tulips and other species.

Rows of fresh flowers at the display area

Top view of some potted decorative grass
While it parallels our own Dangwa flower market in Manila and Carbon Market in Cebu during All Soul’s Day its high tech with many shops having refrigeration for those temperate flower species.

There are other items also including cacti, bonsai and grasses as well as holticulture accessories. Some shops specialize in specific types. There was one store that only sell orchids, from Vanda to Phalaenopsis (the moon orchids) in different kinds, well taken cared of in airconditioned, humidity controlled shops.


But do note that this flower market is for the living. The dead have their own in another part.

The flower market is along Yuen Po Street and is accessible via the Prince Edward MRT station in Mongkok.

This trip was made possible by AirPhil Express. Like their Facebook page to keep updated of promos and cheap fares.

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