Lakbay Norte Redux: Up in the north again

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Spectacular Kapurpurawan rock formation in Burgos, Ilocos Norte

I was in the NORTH. Up at the coasts of Cagayan and the Ilocos Norte provinces when I was again invited to be part of Lakbay Norte’s 2011 edition, Leg 2, visiting several new and interesting spots as well as reacquainted with some old sites. It seems, I like going to North Luzon or North Luzon loves me. If one has to check this blog, one would surmise that I often go to this part of the Philippines as I have lots of posts devoted to the northern provinces.

In a way, yes, its true. I like the beautiful North. But also credit it to the hardworking guys of the North Philippine Visitors Bureau (NPVB) for inviting me, the second time around, to the media familiarization trip that we travel bloggers and from print media undertook early 2011. And the places we’ve been to!

There were two parts of the Lakbay Norte trip but due to the Boracay Funboard Cup which I covered, I wasn’t able to join the first leg. But for the second, I was quite excited with visiting Palaui Island and Sta. Ana. I have always wanted to go to these two places but it was only this trip that I finally realized my dream. Other than that, Buguey and the food at Adams, Ilocos Norte were quite interesting. The hotel accommodations at Sta. Ana, Maira-ira Cove and at Currimao were quite cozy and of course, there were lots of food to sample and partake.

Lakbay Norte Redux starts a new series on travel to Cagayan and Ilocos Norte provinces.

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6 thoughts on “Lakbay Norte Redux: Up in the north again

  1. Love that photo 😀 Kuya Estan, i suggest that you put a printable postcard page here in Langyaw. Wala lang hehe pang-postcard mga pictures niyo 😀 Those being sold in the bookstores are old and not really good.

  2. morag Road Less Travelled imong trip bai..

    anyway nice blog… =)

  3. @val, the places we’ve been to is really less traveled 🙂

  4. wow estan, i have this thought of revisiting the north (on a roadtrip) sometime this last quarter or early next year when the weather is really good..
    i prefer sunny days!

  5. @miguel, good luck sa trip mo 🙂

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