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The Lady is calling me

Up close and beautiful, Mt. Mayon early in the morning

It’s probably because I’ve been spending more time in North Luzon, Metro Manila and Cebu that, once again, the Lady is beckoning, calling out my name to visit her land once again. And I do feel the itch to pack up, and leave for Bicol, anywhere in that region as long as I’m there.

While I don’t mind spending a couple of days in Legazpi City again, with its slow tedium, I would like to explore farther, in the Sorsogon or Camarines Norte provinces which I’m sure are several interesting places and spots for the adventurer and culture aficionado. Or how about visiting Calaguas on a weekend without the crowd? Or just spend a few days around Bulusan, Matnog, Rizal and Barcelona?

I’ve read and seen pictures of the shrimp fishermen in Donsol, perhaps, this place can be a good detour and explore the area beyond the shark whales? Or even a visit to Masbate and its two islands, Ticao and Burias? Or have a grand PNR train travel from Manila all the way to Bicol?

If only time and money are readily available, but then, I should cook up something by next month.

9 thoughts on “The Lady is calling me”

  1. antayin mu nlng yung train s July! yihey! punta ka ng maaga kay The Lady para makita mu xa w/o the clouds. hehe

  2. Great view cia upclose sa Brgy. Amtic in Ligao City. I went to Lignon Hill too… maganda din ang profile ni Mayon from that view.

  3. @bps, this was taken at the breakwater near embocadero early in the morning with a zoom lens 🙂

    @gael, i’m planning something for that trip 🙂

  4. => hello sir have you tried the Mayon Resthouse in Tabaco City?. I f you want to see Mayon super up close halfway the crater, visit Tabaco City wherein a route will lead you to what they call “Mayon Rest house”. You will literally climb the volcano up to it’s slopes but you don’t need to walk ‘coz a car, or a bus can even climb to that point. In that elevation, the wind is very chilly since it is already in a high altitude and you can definitely distinguish the “black” ashes/rocks just located below the crater due to your proximity to the crater. It is was up high. I have tried that place and it was just so awesome. I’ll be blogging it soon.

  5. @ed, yup, been there na many years ago 🙂

  6. => ah right. I was really thinking you’ve been there just before I commented. hehehe. just suggested for some readers nalang hahaha

  7. mhaeLord

    yes…it’s really good to be there..and to stay there as well..
    So proud to say that I grew up there :0)

  8. never been to bicol. never been to mayon. it’s a shame. i will soon. if the lady was calling you, the lady and this post were beckoning to me to schedule the escape.

  9. @karl, you should, and enjoy the view. its just an overnight trip from manila and stay at sampaguita if your short on the budget 🙂

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