We were just driving from Tabaco City to Legazpi City in Albay and when we reached the town of Malilipot, saw a road sign to a waterfall. Curious, we detoured towards the dirt road and in less than five minutes, arrived at the parking area of the waterfall. Tucked in the rugged fastnesses of Mt. Busay is Busay Falls with its seven cascades. It’s a popular destination for locals who flock to this refreshing wonder especially during weekends and holidays. It is said to stretch…Continue Reading “A refreshing swim in Malilipot’s Busay Falls”

It was a short but steep walk down cemented steps from the parking lot where trekking starts and for a few minutes, we were heading down. The sound of falling water was becoming louder and louder as we covered more ground. At the end of the railing, as our feet fell on hard stony ground, we were amazed at what greeted us! Malinao’s Vera Waterfalls in Albay is a beauty. At the middle of a stony wall, water falls down 25 meters into a 2…Continue Reading “A short trek down a beautiful waterfall in Albay”

Coming to Bicol? The land of Mayon and pili is famous also for its chili loving people and its no wonder that this love for peppers will also find its way to popular comfort food. There’s sili ice cream and in one of the restaurants within the Cagsawa Ruins area, buko shake with chili is offered. Tender young coconut blended with ice, milk and sugar and infused with a minced chili peppers is enough to make this novelty item a sensation among us, non Bicolanos…Continue Reading “Chili shake at the Cagsawa Ruins”

Whenever I’m in Albay, specifically Legazpi City, I always find myself gravitating to the Embarkadero break water where one can get one of the best and unobstructed views of Mt. Mayon, a volcano.