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Leisurely afternoon at Legazpi’s port

Teenagers enjoying the clean waters at the port
Afternoon chitchat. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Mornings at the Embarcadero are beautiful especially on a clear day with stunning views of Mt. Mayon. In the late afternoon, especially a lazy one, a stroll along the promenade near Legazpi’s port is just as beautiful.

Like mornings where the locals walk along the coastal breakwater at the base of Kapuntukan Hill (aka, The Sleeping Lion), the cement wall near the port is popular also from afternoon to night when this stretch is lighted. Its similar to Manila Bay’s but with less traffic and vendors.

Legazpi is actually a slow city, unlike that of Naga which is bustling with economic activity with the attendant problems common in such highly urbanized areas. But it is getting there.


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  1. Ganda. I miss the beach even more. 🙂

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