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Mt. Mayon, majestic at the Embarcadero

The coastal edge near the Embarcadero is a popular ground for locals with majestic views of Mt. Mayon

The coastal breakwater near the Embarcadero, that hip night spot cum mall at the base of Kapuntukan Hill aka The Sleeping Lion in Legazpi City not only provides a good view of Mt. Mayon and the port but is also a haven for joggers and early morning denizens.

Recreational fisher near the breakwater. CLICK TO ENLARGE

On a good day, an early morning stroll at this place is just perfect: Mt. Mayon is just stunning with the beautiful light with no clouds blocking the view, recreational fishers with their poles lining at the water’s edge, joggers on their morning routines, sweaty and catching their breaths and just regular folk enjoying a saunter.

But what I just like about the whole sense of the place is its laid back attitude. People from different walks of life come here and it doesn’t have the commercial atmosphere present in some places in Manila.

Decorative plastic trees sold near the road. CLICK TO ENLARGE

What you have are small time vendors, anonymously blending into the background and interesting things like small decorative plastic trees being sold by the wayside.

But God, the place is just a good spot for Mt. Mayon in all its graceful splendor. Everytime I enter the vicinity of Albay, especially once the bus enters Guinobatan, I can’t help but put on a smile once I see this graceful lady. The best view, however is here.

It is just overwhelming especially on a good morning. Mt. Mayon volcano lording it over the landscape with its white rimmed crater billowing smoke against a blue sky. Evidence of its violent nature streaks down from top to base in the form of a dark stream of hardened lava.

Getting to the coastal breakwater is just easy. Take a tricycle or have your own vehicle drive behind the Embarcadero and its just a couple of meters to the base of Kapuntukan Hill.

4 thoughts on “Mt. Mayon, majestic at the Embarcadero”

  1. looks like i need to revisit legaspi. never been to this embarcadero place. nice view of mayon, i agree.

  2. guys, i really like this vantage point, day or night as maganda ang view 🙂

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