Whenever I’m in Albay, specifically Legazpi City, I always find myself gravitating to the Embarkadero break water where one can get one of the best and unobstructed views of Mt. Mayon, a volcano.

I really never tire of Mt. Mayon. I’ve seen her with her lava flows, or from the beautiful vantage point at the Embarcadero. Heck, I even consider Legazpi City airport as the airport with the best view in the world because of her! But never have I gone this close!

No question about it. The Legazpi City airport has the best view in the country, if not the world with magnificent Mt. Mayon volcano infront of it with smoke billowing from its lip, especially in the early morning. Lignon Hill is at the foreground.

The coastal breakwater near the Embarcadero, that hip night spot cum mall at the base of Kapuntukan Hill aka The Sleeping Lion in Legazpi City not only provides a good view of Mt. Mayon and the port but is also a haven for joggers and early morning denizens.

Recent news reports are abuzz with the impending eruption of the graceful maiden, Mt. Mayon in Albay as Philvocs has monitored the build up of magma to the volcano’s crater. There is also an increase of earthquakes being recorded and alert level 2 has already been raised. While this might be an opportunity to witness firsthand, caution should always be done.