The best airport view in the world

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Early in the morning, the view at Legazpi City airport in Albay is just breathtaking

Early morning's flight. CLICK TO ENLARGE
No question about it. The Legazpi City airport has the best view in the country, if not the world with magnificent Mt. Mayon volcano infront of it with smoke billowing from its lip, especially in the early morning. Lignon Hill is at the foreground.

Morning flights are the best as the sun is still near the horizon, the light is just perfect and the clouds haven’t come in to wrap and shroud the moody lady. If the weather’s good, especially this summertime, and you always get picture perfect shots with blue skies. Really just spectacular!

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8 thoughts on “The best airport view in the world

  1. reminds me of batanes, sa airport kita din yung mt.iraya diba.
    buti nagpakita si mt.mayon

  2. @james, but the world’s perfect cone is better than mt iraya 🙂

  3. pag ari nako, naka-ingon jud ko nga swerte ang mga taga diri hehehe. and yep, the airport has the best view in the entire country.

  4. Benjamin Priel says:

    what can i say … its truly a magnificent view God creation.

  5. Walterdelarama says:

    A splendid work of nature…. proud to have that view

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