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Paying homage to Mt. Mayon

Mt. Mayon as seen from the Embarkadero sea line

Whenever I’m in Albay, specifically Legazpi City, I always find myself gravitating to the Embarkadero break water where one can get one of the best and unobstructed views of Mt. Mayon, a volcano. Of course, I’ve already blogged about it before but when I arrived yesterday morning with a friend, we immediately went there from the bus terminal as the morning light was just perfect for some pictorials.

Typically, the grand dame will show its entire beauty early in the morning and hide by 8 AM. So whenever you’re in the area, you already know where to go and at what time.

2 thoughts on “Paying homage to Mt. Mayon”

  1. when it was my first time to see Mayon last June, I said to my self…. Ay.. totoo pala ung sinasabi ng textbook hehe… it’s beauty is eternal. di nakakasawa.

  2. Anonymous

    yup. unless dun ka na lumaki and you wake up everday seeing the lady. hehehe

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