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Mayon up above


map_mayon.gif What a sight to behold: the sun waking from its slumber but still hidden by low lying clouds as mist hasn’t yet lifted across the land that is Bicol. A familiar orange hue envelops the still halfshut break of morn as the plane hovered thousands of feet above.

A striking silhouette with a trace of smoke billowing from its tip, rising from the land, perfect, majestic Mt. Mayon.

5 thoughts on “Mayon up above”

  1. parang panaginip yan a. was also able to capture mayon volcano from a plane using my P&S cam a few years back

  2. ganda rin ng kuha mo pre. i should try a day trip :p

  3. talking about being at the right place at the right time. perfect timing, nothing can beat that.

  4. thanx for visiting zherwin. yea, the weather was good that time and it was really a very wonderful scene

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