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LKK Mall in CDO


map_cdo.gif Limketkai Mall (LKK) is a landmark in Cagayan de Oro not because that it is now modern and huge but it has always been identified as a homegrown commercial destination in the city. Before the major facelift a few years ago, it is open air and has that certain regional charm in it: not too boxed up and alienating compared with the mega mall structures in most urban cities. Or like its counterpart, Gaisano City located just a few hundred meters away from it or Ororama which is just a stone’s throw and seems to have long lost its luster, it has retained its own grace.

LKK Mall then was inviting. Never mind if it doesn’t offer all the things that you need but I just liked it. Until Henry Sy’s SM empire reached this part of Mindanao.


LKK started its transformation in 2005. Maybe the owners had felt the threats of modern malls at its periphery or that the mall itself is way past its prime and long needed a shot in the arm that there was a need to modernize it, to bring it to the new century in line with the speed and phenomenal growth that Cagayan de Oro is developing. In fact, this city of golden friendship, as what the locals proudly say, is adjudged the fastest developing city in Mindanao if not in the country. And really, what a transformation it has undergone!


Its fully enclosed. Its huge. Its airconditioned. Its spanking spic and span. Its cavernous. New tenants and new stores are making this mall home. What you can find in most malls in Metro Manila and Cebu, you can encounter it here. It is now connected with a Robinson’s Mall just behind it. It is now connected with the new Mullberry Hotel.


The original layout of the mall has been retained, especially the crossing at the center where car displays and other promos have always been held. A new activity area, bigger than the one found in SM City Cebu rivals that of the new Trinoma Mall or Glorietta in Metro Manila.

Now, it attracts the most people compared with its peers. It got a new lease on life. While it might have become another boxed up, enclosed structure, it’s so spacious inside that you don’t feel claustrophobic at all. Despite its becoming a modern structure, it did still retain its charm.

10 thoughts on “LKK Mall in CDO”

  1. well, its already part of filipino culture I guess :p

  2. I agree with you. I am in CDO every Summer of every year tp pay my real estate taxes and indeed, i am surprised at how changed LKK has become.

    When I was 17, I worked at that Jollibee store near the atrium area. It was the 1st Jollibee in the entire Northern Mindanao back then. There wasn’t any roof yet noon. Pag umulan, basa lahat ng lalakaran ng tao.

    Thanks for this virtual trip down memory lane.

  3. so you’re from CDO! really, I miss this place. Gusto ko magpasyal uli doon even for just a few days.

  4. pinkmaskara

    That has been my favorite mall since my childhood. Thanks for posting it. Reminds me of the time i went there back in 1998

  5. Manny

    LIMKETKAI MALL has been my favorite mall ever since, I live 1 hour away from this City (Cagayan De Oro) and everytime we visited family relatives in this City I always asked my parents if I can go to LKK Mall. This City of Friendship was where I Studied during my College days and after class we went straight to LKK Mall even without money (Funny huh!) I’ve been away from Philippines for 5 years and I am surely visit LKK Mall again for shopping when I get back coz I have money now…LOL…

    Thanks for posting some pictures, it reminds me of (secretttttt)


  6. haydee

    It’s been 2 yrs.that i haven’t seen limketkai mall..I realy miss it..I remember Back in my younger years limketkai is my getaway when i feel sad,exhausted,broken hearted,overwhelmed and this is the place when i first met my husband..Limketkai is my 2nd home and its already part of my life..It’s so nice to reminisce the past.It’s corny but true..To the Author of bring me to life..This is an amazing idea….More photos pls..Hopefully,soon GOD’s will Im Gonna see Limketkai Mall Again,and of course together with my husband and Children..Keep up the good work..GOD Bless!

  7. Charlie Thiemann

    These are awesome photos. Can you tell me what camera was used to take these images?

    Many thanks!!

  8. Hi Charlie, thanx for the comment. I used a Canon G5 for the images.

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