We’ve met again, Malaybalay

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Wide and clean street, Sayre Highway in Malaybalay
Wide and clean street, Sayre Highway in Malaybalay
The bus from Agora bus terminal in Cagayan de Oro
The bus from Agora bus terminal in Cagayan de Oro

I’ve been to Malaybalay many times before, when I was still based in Davao City and Cagayan de Oro, I have been passing this sleepy city up in the Bukidnon highlands. It was only last year, when I first witnessed the Kaamulan Festival, that I had more time to spend here.

First impressions? The weather is just cool that it reminds one of Tagaytay, but more beautiful. The great Kitanglad Range looms in the distance, the great plateaus of the province is awe inspiring and it has a great provincial atmosphere that you will just love.

It’s not so much with big structures but low lying constructions, a mall and a main arterty, Sayre Highway, that just brings you in and out of this inconspicuous city.

Motorela, the main kind of transport within this city
Motorela, the main kind of transport within this city

But I do love this city and what it can do to one’s disposition. After the workshops, I just head back to where I was staying. Sleep or just go online and check tickets website. By dinner, blogger friendds, Bonz and Earl invite me to one of the local restaurants. But what I do like is the unhurriedness of life here. There’s this slow tedium. You wake up to a cool morning without the need for electric fans and airconditioning.

You just appreciate the cool weather and the simplicity of life here. No big malls, no cinemas. The morning light will just cast a beautiful illumination at the range of hills that people call a particular spot, Two Trees. You have breakfast or lunch in one of the eateries, simple yet filling and cheap.

And for one who is preparing emotionally for my needed closure, Malaybalay has been a great place to be.

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7 thoughts on “We’ve met again, Malaybalay

  1. Bai. I admired the way you write this post. Its sincerely comes from the heart of a true Langyaw (stranger). Honestly written bai, without bias.:-).

  2. estancabigas says:

    Thnx bai

  3. Earl, Suroy Pilipinas says:

    Thanks for this bai! Balik-balik!

  4. I miss this place! been here many times before while I was still studying in Valencia, Bukidnon. 🙂

  5. estancabigas says:

    Bai, i also want to go back 🙂

  6. Micole l Philippine Traveler says:

    Hello again sir estan! I’m actually from Davao so I know about this but have not been here. I hear good things though and I’m glad I heard this from you. Another place that should be visited by people needing to get away even just for a while. Parang upgraded style of province life. More power to you po!

  7. estancabigas says:

    Thnx Micole 🙂

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