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Lovely ladies at Albay’s Magayon Festival

A member of the winning contingent from the municipality of Polangui

The late afternoon light was just so beautiful and the participating contingents during the opening of Albay’s monthlong fest, the Magayon Festival, were all assembled, waiting for their turn to perform, just added to the color. And of course, there were lovely ladies in the crowd.


There were many lovely ladies and she just caught my attention. CLICK TO ENLARGE

I traveled overnight from Manila to Legazpi and arrived a little past one o’clock at noon, tired and sleepy as I wasn’t able to get some shut eye during the trip. Add that I stopped by four municipalities to take photos of some of their religious heritage architecture.


But what is this,? I asked myself when there were many sequined and costumed youth boarding a truck with props. A few meters, there were also other groups in chaotic assembly wearing more garish looking dresses and head decors near the vicinity of the cathedral only to find out later that today was April 1.

The afternoon light was just beautiful. CLICK TO ENLARGE

It’s too serious or elaborate for a proper April Fools prank, I reasoned, but instead, Albay’s month long fest, the Magayon festival will be opening this day. Expect the beauty pageant, the food fest, the nightly booze and bands at the plaza, fairs, and other hedonistic acts for one month.


But while making my way near the capitol, later this afternoon, the streets were closed to traffic, the stage was bedecked with lights and decors and people were milling around. At one side, the costumed groups were anxiously awaiting their turn to perform.

It was a beautiful late afternoon. The fading golden light was striking the dancers, backlighting them. There were silhouettes and lighted faces of lovely ladies. Smiles through lipsticked lips. Eyes sparkled while their sequined headdress glistened, reflecting light within a split second. And when the emcee called their group name, they walked forward with anxiety and exhilaration.

2 thoughts on “Lovely ladies at Albay’s Magayon Festival”

  1. gonli

    Just when one thinks that he knows all the festivals in the country, another one comes along. Beautiful, Estan, as usual!

  2. @gonli, thanx 🙂

    its a month long festival. meron pang streetdancing before the month ends

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