Water adventure and fun in Tubigon, Bohol

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Locals having fun in the waters off Tubigon, Bohol

Bohol is known for it’s tarsiers, chocolate hills and beaches but, unfortunately, these are concentrated only in specific areas, the usual tourist route. Now, Tubigon in western Bohol opens up to offer water fun and adventure in its many islets, sand bars, coral gardens and mangrove areas that only locals know.

Ploy, a friend, tries on the jetski. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Unknown to most tourists visiting Bohol, Tubigon is actually a first class municipality that is fast developing into a commercial hub due mainly to its proximity to Cebu, closest when compared to Tagbilaran. It is the northern gateway that offers alternative and shorter routes to Danao, the adventure capital of the province and to Sagbayan, a good stop that also has good views of the Chocolate Hills.

The first time I’ve been here was more than a decade ago, trying to find an alternative and shorter route to Cebu. The boats there have wooden hulls and competition was rife that at one point, tickets are being sold at just P10, down from the usual P50 that time. A typical trip to and from Cebu usually took two hours. That was then. Now, there are fastcraft boats servicing the route at just 1 hour tops.

A father and son fishing the calm waters. A typical scene in Tubigon. CLICK TO ENLARGE.

There is, however, a secret that this municipality has been keeping and which the locals enjoy and have all to themselves: rich fishing grounds, thanks to its many fish sanctuaries and pristine coral gardens; a number of islets and extensive sandbars sprinkled off its coast with white sandy beaches; and mangrove areas tended and grown by the locals themselves.

Add to this, fresh seafoods that you can readily pick from the waters or purchase from the fishermen who just caught it a few minutes ago. Or if you want to have you’re own downtime, a hammock strung between two coconuts in one of the islands can be done.

One of the pumpboats that ferries guests around the islets and sandbars.

Day tours are infact available. Tubigon Seahorse Express, a new company that is tapping and pushing the tourism potential of this municipality can ferry guests in its two large pumpboats that seats 20 – 30 people, ideal for teambuilding and clan activities around most of the islands. While guests can frolick in some isolated sandbar, the adventurous can ride the two jetskiis while barkadas can have the banana boat. Kayaking is also offered.

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11 thoughts on “Water adventure and fun in Tubigon, Bohol

  1. wow! this is new! sadly, when I went to Bohol some years back, we only went to the usual tourist destinations… hope I could come back soon… Thanks for sharing this… =D

  2. @earl, naa na bai. na lingaw kaayo ko ani nga trip kay nindot. solo kaayo namo ang beach ug islands 🙂

    @pinoy adventurista, welcome 🙂

  3. Unsa name sa resort ani bai? We’re planning to go to Bohol via Tubigon nya ganahan mi mo stay for thenight unta sa Tubigon. Unsa marecommend nimo nga place nga safe og nindot sad?

  4. @mark, Tubigon Seahorse offers island hopping and other activities pero for accommodations, there is a good hotel there. I just forgot the name.

    if you want to contact them, call 09176342698

  5. Is this the number of Tubigon Seahorse or sa hotel ni bai? Mao ni ang Ligaya Pension?

  6. hi! just want to know if you know the schedule of the ferries from cebu to tubigon?tnx

  7. there are lots of trip from 7AM to 4PM. Almost every two hours

  8. hi estan!

    we are planning to go bohol nia tubigon…
    unsa pa nga nindot ng white beach sa tubigo if naa nga barato lang siya? thank you…

  9. rosemarie says:

    wow..thanks for sharing molaag jud ko puhon ani ky dool rani sa catigbian

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