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Macau casinos’s dazzling free shows

Dome sized show. CLICK TO ENLARGE

I stared and stared wondering what that circular thing at the dome’s top is for. Are we in for a good joke where we will be showered with goo? Suddenly, the room darkened, a bit, and the cacophonous sound of Chinese tourists came to a whisper. After a few seconds, their sharp pitched voice revved up again only to be silenced when the loudspeakers, somewhere, started to sound.


I was invited by the Macau Government Tourism Office-Philippines (MGTO) together with other travel writers and bloggers for a familiarization tour to this interesting place last May and it was a beautiful experience with its cuisine, glitz and old world charm. The hotel and casino business in Macau looks tough with each establishment trying to outdo each other. One way to attract people and money is to offer multimillion dollar shows that lasts within 30 minutes and can go on and on throughout the night.

Take for example the City of Dream’s Dragon’s Treasure show, above. It is massive. When the people started to hush just as the music began, we were staring, wide eyed at the spherical top, lights started to change and dance and the first flicker of images started to show. I was speechless. All I can muster is wow while trying to sort of explain how they did this.

Gigantic jellyfish, an octupus’s tentacles enveloping, sharks and dragons were swimming across the dome. Mythical characters and a tiger were jumping from one end to the other. Music blared and the lights changed color from time to time. After about 30 10 minutes, the show ended. And on to the next batch of viewers and visitors.

At Wynn Macau, known for its Tree of Prosperity show at the antelobby, is another come on but smaller than the one at City of Dreams. People were already milling around the center, waiting for the show to start. After a few minutes, background music blared.

Animals of the Chinese zodiac are sculpted atop the dome that opens to a light show. Below, the globe opens to reveal the Tree of Prosperity. Then a grand chandelier goes down, changes colors and after a few more minutes, all gets back to where it started and the show ends.

Just really simple and short and enough for many people to get entertained. On to the next show.

3 thoughts on “Macau casinos’s dazzling free shows”

  1. “Mythical characters and a tiger were jumping from one end to the other. Music blared and the lights changed color from time to time. After about 30 minutes, the show ended.” – You’re referring to Dragon’s Treasure right? The show’s only about 10 minutes. Well, almost 17 if you include the intro but not 30 minutes. You’re probably referring to the waiting time.

  2. @kat, thanx for the correction. must have been mesmerized. hehehe

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