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Low tables, cold Coke & Fong Wong Pasteleria

At a small alley near a crowded street, this shed with low tables was a welcome treat from walking with its ice cold coke

I was invited by the Macau Government Tourism Office-Philippines (MGTO) together with other travel writers and bloggers for a familiarization tour to this interesting place last May and it was a beautiful experience with its cuisine, glitz and old world charm.

Low tables and baby stools. CLICK TO ENLARGE
Ice cold green tinged coca cola bottles stood at a low round table with equally low stools fit for schoolchildren. Well, except that we were bloggers, relieved finally cooling our throats and feet after a long walk around Macau.

Bloggers having a break: Nina, Kaoko, Ferdz and Tin. CLICK TO ENLARGE
It was just hot and humid and this cafeteria, at a maze of back alleys near the Mercado Municipal Almirante Lacerda is almost comparable to the pungko-pungko stalls along Llorente St. in Cebu except that they don’t have the usual puso, ginabot, ngo hiong and meatballs.

But I liked it there. The ruggedness, the rundown atmosphere that are patronized by the locals. When I first saw this, I didn’t quite believe it but there it was, a reality check in this gambling eden.

Jars of cheap cookies and other stuff at Fong Wong Pasteleria

A few steps from these is the Fong Wong Pasteleria, small and hugging a wall with a narrow pathway infront of it. But don’t just pass it off as another hole in the wall bakery that offers delightful cookies at a cheaper price (MOP$1/piece) than what is sold in the supermarkets or in other sections of the territory with high tourist traffic. This is Macau by the way and there are always interesting things to taste. Yes, even in this simple pasteleria.

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