It was five months since the the pandemic lockdown started that I just missed traveling so much. And out of the blue, wrote down some travel musings last 25 August, 2020. Here’s what I posted… Photo above taken at the Abu Dhabi airport as we were heading to the terminal for the connecting flight to Paris, 2013. The Americas I will travel to Canada to visit family. But before that, I will stop in South Korea for two weeks to avail of the no visa…Continue Reading “Travel musings from August 2020”

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If all was normal, I would have been on international travel somewhere. Enjoying the sights, the architecture, the food and what foreign countries have to offer to the visitor. Unfortunately, with the Covid-19 pandemic still raging, everything’s been at a standstill. Our lives have been greatly affected and being in the travel and hospitality industry, terribly, terribly disrupted. It’s been 103 days since I arrived home in Cebu and been in quarantine here at home. ONE HUNDRED THREE. That’s how long I’ve been here within…Continue Reading “International travel, when will it happen for me?”

So, I’m going back to Japan this November for a media invitation by one of the top travel companies in that country. This time, I got so excited and was really expecting to get a multiple entry visa as I’ve visited it twice last year. We filed the application last Monday, I was informed that it was already available yesterday and just this afternoon, got it from the accredited agency. But to my disappointment, it was still a single entry visa. Why this happened? The type…Continue Reading “How to apply for a visa to Japan for BUSINESS travel”

Tourism has become a big source of income worldwide, fueled by different peoples’ desire to see something out of the ordinary. Thankfully, this is something that we can stay competitive at. On top of the rich assortment of lodging options, all-in resorts, and reasonably priced hotels in the Philippines, we also have amazing vistas and a naturally hospitable character. But because we experience them on a daily basis, we’ve come to take them for granted. To help remind you, here’s just a few reasons why you…Continue Reading “Reasons Why You Should Tour the Philippines Before Ever Going Abroad”

I was so elated last Tuesday when I saw my South Korean tourist visa attached to my new passport. Although I wasn’t totally worried that I will be denied, that feeling of uncertainty really lingered on that day and right up to the releasing section when I queued and one by one, the priority numbers were called out and the passports returned. Ah, South Korea. I didn’t expect to visit this country this year as I had other plans but an invitation to exhibit my…Continue Reading “How to apply for a South Korean tourist visa in Manila & Cebu”