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How I got my Manila-Bangkok ticket for free (almost)

Last night, I booked a flight from Manila to Bangkok. Since it was within the promo sale period, one way only costs P3,299 and that’s already a bargain considering that other airlines that I checked for an August flight, from Air Asia to others via Skyscanner, the minimum was already P5,000+! But P3,299 is still expensive. I said to myself, “I’m sure there’s another way to spend less.” When I checked my available Cebu Pacific GetGo miles, I smiled.

I’m a peripatetic traveler and usually fly around the country or abroad. Although I usually try to get the best fare available, I’ve been flying frequently with Cebu Pacific especially if going to or heading from Terminal 3 as it’s quite convenient for me. Terminal 2 and 4 is just too difficult with the traffic while in Terminal 3, I’m just near the Skyway which let me evade traffic as much as possible.

Being a frequent flyer of Cebu Pacific, I immediately registered for their GetGo frequent flyer card when it was offered. I used to have Mabuhay Miles several years ago and I know the benefits of accumulating points for free flights (they now have an improved program and I’ve also applied). Once I was registered, I then requested for the personalized card which was delivered to my home. I went through all my Cebu Pacific flights and made a claim for the previous valid flights. With that and frequent flying, I grew my points to 10,000+ in a little more than a year.

When I booked the Manila-Bangkok flight for August, instead of spending P3,299+, I just redeemed my points. The year round fare is 23,000+ points but since there was a promo fare, it was just around 9,000+. A fee of almost around P700 was charged to cover the web administration fee and some minimal charges.

The GetGo booking page showing the points needed for my Manila-Bangkok flight. Note that screencapture was done after I booked using 10K points. If your points are not enough, a cash balance equivalent is also displayed.
The GetGo booking page showing the points needed for my Manila-Bangkok flight. Note that screencapture was done after I booked using 10K points. If your points are not enough, a cash balance equivalent is also displayed.

Things to remember about the GetGo Frequent Flyer Miles membership:

  • Register with GetGo here. From the registration page, you can request for a personalized card. Even if the card hasn’t arrived yet, you can input your GetGo membership number when booking a flight or availing of discounts from partner establishments
  • You can also register by filling out a form at the airport where there is a GetGo kiosk or personnel offering this to passengers but you only get a generic card
  • For every P5 spent when booking, you get 1 point
  • If you availed of the special GetGo debit and credit card with partner bank Unionbank, you get additional points whenever you use it for purchases with partner establishments (see details here)
  • You can use your GetGo card for discounts with partner establishments from as much as 65% off in hotels or 10% off in purchases (see details here)
  • You can convert points from partner establishments to GetGo points (see details here)
  • You can add unclaimed points as long as your flight is not more than six months from time of claiming (see details here)
  • You travel with friends or family, check out how the Earning Circle can help you (see details here)
  • and finally, you already have the points and ready to redeem for flights? Do it here. A new window will open.
  • If your points is not sufficient, don’t worry, you can pay the balance with cash.

Register now and fly for free!

7 thoughts on “How I got my Manila-Bangkok ticket for free (almost)”

  1. I really have problem in redeeming free flights for GetGo! Is it advisable to use PC than Mobile phone in redeeming?

  2. Hanna, not really sure as I don’t have any problems with redemption, either using smartphone or pc. Have you raised your concern with GetGo?

  3. PBWG

    How did collect points on previous valid flights?

  4. PBWG, first, you need to sign up for the airline’s miles program, then just travel. For budget airlines, don’t forget to include your miles number so that it will be credited. For non budget airlines, you can tell the checkin counter or add the mileage later on.

  5. PBWG

    Ah ok. Thanks Estan! Happy travels!

  6. I am so disappointed with getgo! Waste of time. We were exchanging emails with the rep assuring me to return my points. It’s been 48 hrs. Now i have to take 2go to travel to manila coz the rate now is skyhigh. You should not offer anymore of this if u r not willing to give! Keep it 2 urselves!

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