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Reasons Why You Should Tour the Philippines Before Ever Going Abroad

Tourism has become a big source of income worldwide, fueled by different peoples’ desire to see something out of the ordinary. Thankfully, this is something that we can stay competitive at. On top of the rich assortment of lodging options, all-in resorts, and reasonably priced hotels in the Philippines, we also have amazing vistas and a naturally hospitable character. But because we experience them on a daily basis, we’ve come to take them for granted.

To help remind you, here’s just a few reasons why you should prioritize touring locally before vacationing abroad:

Paradise That’s Always Within Reach

It’s a number that keeps getting repeated when it comes to the Philippines: 7,107. Specifically, it’s the number of islands that comprise the entire archipelago. And you can find plenty of adventures for the vast majority of them. Adding to the countless wonderful sights and exciting locations, you can also enjoy bright and clear weather for most of the year. This makes touring the Philippines ideal for beach excursions and walking tours alike.

Something for Everyone’s Taste Buds

Filipino food isn’t really as famous worldwide as Italian, Japanese, or Chinese food. But funnily enough, it may be because centuries of colonization and international trade has given our cuisine an eclectic mix of influences. In effect, much of our food is a mix of various Asian, Mediterranean, and Latin American cuisine—with a dash of American food included in the ingredients. So whether you’re in the mood for something sweet, something spicy, or something completely different, you’ll always have something to stimulate your taste buds.

A Shared Culture

Sharing a cultural affinity with the locals isn’t just important for minimizing cultural and linguistic misunderstandings. But you can’t deny that speaking a language everyone understands makes asking for directions or haggling at the flea market so much easier. What’s more, you will also find yourself more invested in historical sites and other culturally significant travel spots. Indeed, even tourism can benefit from a little bit of Filipino pride.

Plenty of Biodiversity

Combining our archipelagic nature with our lush and varied landscapes has turned the Philippines into a home for a generous amount of animal and plant species. This doesn’t just bode well for the scientific community. It also provides us with more incentive to venture out and experience our amazing flora and fauna. So the next time you go hiking or snorkeling, remember that not every place on earth is blessed with biodiversity like ours.

Booking Your Dream Vacation is Easier than Ever

Last year alone, the Philippine tourism industry was estimated to have earned the county 106.6 billion pesos in revenue. But local tourism isn’t just about the number of visitors we get or the jobs and investments that help drive local growth. It’s about how we allow it to enrich our lives and our understanding of ourselves as a people.

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2 thoughts on “Reasons Why You Should Tour the Philippines Before Ever Going Abroad”

  1. I totally agree with you, Estan. How can one brag what a wonderful place our country is without storytelling one’s own experience rather than reading it from a book, magazine or website?

    When I was just beginning my career in IT pre-internet days, software houses needed to send its computer programmers like myself onsite to install, test, debug, pilot, manage and maintain the software in a client-server environment over the course of weeks, if not months. I did this in a span of eight years for client-companies in Ilocos Norte all the way down to CDO and Davao. Then, I spent the next nine years in three direct selling companies which sent me (again) from Ilocos down to Zamboanga. During those 17 years before attempting my first foreign trip, before Facebook and social media, I had the best real-life experience marveling at the beauty of the Philippines and its people – from beaches to historic towns, hills and valleys, tourist destinations and holes-in-the-wall venues. No amount of reading can replace real life experiences.

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